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Hot ticket for a cool event

The demand is high — as is the price—as Pennsylvanians lead the Classic charge.

The buzz for the Winter Classic is everywhere. HBO's weekly documentary on the upcoming Flyers-Rangers tilt has done its job, keeping fans on edge for what's in store Tuesday at Citizens Bank Park.

Sold out in box offices since early November, the fervor has spread to the secondary ticket market where fans are asking — and shelling out — as much as 35 percent more than actual ticket value.

According to the latest numbers from StubHub, the premier secondary ticket outlet, more than 3,000 tickets already have been purchased, and as of late Monday evening, less than 2,500 remained at an average price of about $670 per ticket. The standing room only or "get-in price" as StubHub spokeswoman Joellen Ferrer aptly called it, averaged around $300 a pop.

But hey, it's only money right?

"This is shaping up to be our highest selling Winter Classic ever and I think a lot of that comes from just how well this game is being played up in the media," Ferrer said. "The other big factor we believe is also driving prices is that this is an in-division game, but again the main reason is that there is just so much coverage really has sparked interest."

Pennsylvanians seem to be the fans drinking the most proverbial Kool-Aid, making up 41 percent of the buyer market, followed by New Jersey (25 percent). New Yorkers might not be sold on making the trek to Philly, with interest there topping just 15 percent. However while volume stays level, to have demand listed 35 percent higher than normal with buyers at the ready is astounding, Ferrer said.

"Tuesday, December 20 was our largest sales day and we've continued to see prices hold steady," Ferrer said.

"Folks are buying these tickets, but we are seeing demand come down for the some of the higher-priced seats. Historically, we find prices are always crazy when there is a ton of media exposure. If this stays the way it's been, there is no question this will be the highest grossing Winter Classic seller on our site in the history of the competition."

Now, while these asking prices might seem asinine, Ferrer reminds potential fans to remain diligent; especially in the days leading up to the event as sellers tend to drop outrageous demands to still make profit. Ferrer suggests checking the night before or even the morning of as generally that's when steep prices tend to subside.

Happy hunting.