Noelle Hogan, junior, Clearview:

A second-team all-conference pick, this 6-foot-1 forward comes off her sophomore year averaging 9.1 points and 7.3 boards. She had 57 blocks.

Latifah McNeal, senior, Wildwood:

It's one thing to average more rebounds than points. It's quite another when you're averaging 17 points.

Sam Morris, sophomore Deptford:

One of the area's best up-and-coming talents, this 5-foot-7 dynamo can score at will.

Mary Beato, senior, Pitman:

She joined the 1,000-point club last season and should tack on plenty more this season.

Shayla Llanos, senior, Salem:

One of the best guards in the conference at 5-4, she's coming off a season where she averaged 16.6 points, five boards and four steals.


Williamstown vs. Clearview, Jan. 5 at Clearview,

Jan. 29 at Williamstown

These two games should determine the Royal Division championship.

Gloucester Catholic

at Williamstown, Feb. 14

Here's a key crossover conference game for two of the top teams in the league.

Wildwood vs. Salem,

Dec. 20 at Wildwood,

Jan. 29 at Salem

This should be the pace-setting matchup in the Classic.

Deptford at Pitman, Feb. 4

Two of the league's biggest stars clash, Beato and Morris.

Overbrook vs. Gloucester

Catholic, Jan. 3

at Gloucester Catholic,

Jan . 31 at Overbrook

Overbrook pulled off a big upset in the 2006-07 season.


On Wildwood low-post threat

Latifah McNeal


"I might just let her have everything she's going to get and try and shut down the other four players. Even on a double- and triple-team, we're not going to stop her with the size that we have. I would try to keep her out of the lane as much as we could, and try to make her take the jump shot instead. We'd put more pressure on the outside players and try to make them score."

- Pennsville coach
Arvin Green