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Rally High School Sports
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S. Jersey Scoreboard

Highlights of Thursday's contests can be found at: Announcements Athletic Hall of Fame Palmyra High School is accepting nominations for its 2010-2011 inductions, covering the years from the early 1900s through 1989.

Highlights of Thursday's contests can be found at:


Athletic Hall of Fame

Palmyra High School is accepting nominations for its 2010-2011 inductions, covering the years from the early 1900s through 1989.

Nomination forms are available at and may be submitted: by email to; by mail to Ken Holloway, Supervisor of Athletics, c/o Palmyra High School, 311 W. Fifth St., Palmyra, NJ 08065; or by fax to (856) 786-3014. The deadline is January 3, 2011. For more information, call (856) 786-9400, ext. 3142.

Thursday's Results

Boys' Basketball


Life Center 101, Emily Fisher Charter 34



Camden County Tech 4, Collingswood 0

(CCT: Daniel Gregus 289 game, 702 series; COL: Anthoney Wilson 210 game, 605 series)

Cherry Hill East 4, St. Augustine 0

(CHE: Rob Dilks 219 game, 581 series; SA: Joe Hogan 223 game, 575 series)

Eastern 4, Hammonton 0

(E: Dave Freeman 241 game, 618 series; H: Bryan Hummel 233 game, 621 series)

Gloucester 3, Cherry Hill West 1

(G: Tyler Becker 232 game, 621 series; CHW: Kyle Lapinski 199 game, Tommy Richards 542 series)

Bordentown 4, Medford Tech 0

(B: Austin Papp 258 game, 700 series; MT: Robert Phillips 212 game, 574 series)

Seneca 4, Bishop Eustace 0

(S: Josh Malcolm 214 game, 613 series; BE: Robert O'Brien 201 game, 582 series)


Camden County Tech 2, Collingswood 2

(COL: Rachel Armstrong 168 game, 399 series; CCT: Jessica Feliciano 157 game, 409 series)

Gloucester 4, Cherry Hill West 0

(G: Kelsey Keenan 200 game, 509 series; CHW: Tori Berenato 176 game, 505 series)

Bordentown 4, Medford Tech 0

(B: Jess Gareis 227 game, 593 series; MT: Katelyn Stickney 235 game, 519 series)

Seneca 4, Bishop Eustace 0

(S: Steph Rahinsky 204 game, 542 series; BE: Emma Fleisher 172 game, 448 series)

Boys' Basketball Boxscore


Emily Fisher Charter 6 11 12 5 - 34

Life Center 33 24 22 22 - 101

EFC: Davis 11, Edwards 2, Hartman 4, Holmes 1, Kelvin 9, Patrick 7.

LC: Kyle Clarke 6, Rashawn Cunningham 3, Jamie Dale 4, Jordan Donovan 2, Andre Horne 20, Jayson Johnson 13, John Johnson 17, Matt Johnson 2, B.J. Odita 5, LaQuinton Ross 29.

Friday's Schedule

Boys' Basketball


Doane Academy at N.J. United Christian, 5:30


Atlantic Christian at Delco Christian, 6:45

Girls' Basketball


Doane Academy at N.J. United Christian, 4


Atlantic Christian at Delco Christian, 8

Ice Hockey

At Hollydell:

Gloucester Catholic vs. Christian Brothers, 5:45

West Jersey League Stars

Selected by league coaches.

American Division Football

First-Team Offense

L: Ryan Bartel, Eastern

L: Chris Gericke, Lenape

L: Vince Kowalski, Williamstown

L: Tim Swanson, Cherokee

L: Grant Wilson, Washington Township

B: Karl Johnson, Williamstown

B: Stefan Kancylarz, Lenape

B: Andy Martin, Cherokee

B: Harry Ulmer, Williamstown

R: Eric Hertzberg, Eastern

R: Cody Miller, Williamstown

R: Drake Rodgers, Cherokee

K: Mike Burke, Williamstown

First-Team Defense

L: Steve DeFranco, Washington Township

L: Nick Foster, Cherokee

L: Bobby Isopi, Lenape

L: Kevin Kiett, Williamstown

DB: Ron Baines, Eastern

DB: Taronn Earl, Lenape

DB: Bill Inge, Williamstown

DB: Mike Zeuli, Cherokee

LB: Kevin Byrne, Cherokee

LB: John Dibiase, Lenape

LB: Anthony Gallo, Eastern

LB: Ryan Wills, Washington Township

P: Brian Regensburg, Cherokee

Second-Team Offense

L: Doug Gilbert, Lenape; Kevin Kiett, Williamstown; Joe Kringler, Cherokee; Anthony Micciche, Eastern; Marc Mollo, Washington Township. B: Jon Bonilla, Cherokee; Charlie Huff, Washington Township; Nick Valori, Washington Township; Nick Wagner, Lenape. R: Cory Jett, Lenape; Kordel McInnis, Washington Township; Darius Merriweather, Eastern. K: Casey Coyle, Cherokee.

Second-Team Defense

L: Nick Caldwell, Washington Township; Tyler Hartman, Cherokee; Eric Danser, Cherokee; Cullen McHugh, Lenape. DB: Chris Inge, Williamstown; Nick Follet, Cherokee; Brett Miller, Cherokee; Jason Zimmerman, Lenape. LB: Joe Curtis, Eastern; Lee Robledo, Washington Township; Nate Willing, Williamstown; Sean Reilly, Lenape. P: Adam Mignogna, Lenape.

Constitution Division Football

First-Team Offense

L: Marcus Coleman, Camden Catholic

L: Marcus Gregory, Paul VI

L: Ray Jenkins, Seneca

L: James Knox, Cherry Hill West

L: Nick Natoli, Moorestown

B: Johnel Anderson, Paul VI

B: Mike Blandon, Camden Catholic

B: Steve Greco, Seneca

B: Andrew Lisa, Moorestown

B: Khaaliq Burroughs, Paul VI

R: Jakwail Bailey, Paul VI

R: Zac Frantz, Moorestown

K: Alex Martinelli, Moorestown

First-Team Defense

L: Lucas Brown, Seneca

L: Tre Kidd, Camden Catholic

L: Alex Melekos, Moorestown

L: Greg Webb, Paul VI

LB: Jarred Alwan, Camden Catholic

LB: James Kenner, Paul VI

LB: Tim Mahaney, Moorestown

LB: Derrick Pawlikowski, Seneca

DB: Julian Bond, Cherry Hill West

DB: Pete Galiano, Camden Catholic

DB: Chris Hutton, Paul VI

DB: Mike Southwick, Seneca

P: Jamie Calhoun, Paul VI

Second-Team Offense

L: Elijah Long, Camden Catholic; Shabaz Ahmed, Paul VI; Thomas Groover, Paul VI; Sean McGreevy, Moorestown; Mark Todaro, Seneca. B: Charlie Owl, Seneca; Matt Barnett, Paul VI; Zac Johnson, Seneca. R: Kamal Steward, Moorestown; R: Anthony Sweet, Camden Catholic. K: Frank Bobo, Seneca.

Second-Team Defense

L: Terrell Lee, Cherry Hill West; Andrew Racobaldo, Camden Catholic; Jackson Callahan, Camden Catholic; Will Flake, Seneca. LB: Jim Austin, Paul VI; Ryan Graves, Camden Catholic; Anthony Townsend, Camden Catholic; Adam Coppola, Seneca. DB: Max Albertus, Paul VI; Darien Bouzais, Camden Catholic; Donovan Butler, Paul VI; Jules German, Cherry Hill West. P: Dylan Walker, Moorestown.

Royal Division Football

First-Team Offense

L: Dillon Horne, Cumberland

L: Steve Killian, Kingsway

L: Hunter Krajewski, Timber Creek

L: Joe Moffa, Delsea

L: Seth Tinsley, Triton

B: Rondell Gilmore, Kingsway

B: Tyler Coulbourn, Delsea

B: Josh Woods, Triton

B: Charles Wynder, Cumberland

R: Dan Bednarik, Timber Creek

R: Damiere Byrd, Timber Creek

R: Jaysen Conway, Kingsway

R: Darius Convery, Delsea

K: Frank Freijomil, Delsea

First-Team Defense

L: Dajuan Drennon, Timber Creek

L: Brian Keller, Triton

L: Josh Stenger, Cumberland

L: Marcus Stuart, Delsea

DB: Kyle Twitty, Highland

DB: Sean Arthur, Kingsway

DB: Charles Clark, Cumberland

DB: Calvin Lowe, Timber Creek

LB: Dylan Wilton, Delsea

LB: Marshall Brooks, Delsea

LB: JaRon Cody, Cumberland

LB: Troy Eubanks, Cumberland

LB: Quanzell Lambert, Timber Creek

P: Mike Barth, Timber Creek

Second-Team Offense

L: Salvatore Battiata, Cumberland; Tom Hueber, Highland; Steven Paul, Cumberland; Devon Rose, Timber Creek; Zack Willcox, Delsea. B: Calvin Lowe, Timber Creek; Frank Rinaldi, Kingsway; Ron Reagan, Highland. R: Bill Hanna, Triton; Tyler Krusch, Timber Creek; Roy Williams, Cumberland.

Second-Team Defense

L: Matt Howard, Timber Creek; Emilio Irving, Kingsway; Christopher Pitts, Cumberland; Steve Pondo, Delsea; Vince Travalino, Delsea. DB: T.J. Berryman, Delsea; Andrew Brown, Highland; Alan Richards, Triton; Brian Samuels, Kingsway. LB: Dan Bekier, Triton; Jerell Ingram, Highland; John Peterolff, Highland; Kyle Lloyd, Kingsway.

National Division Football

First-Team Offense

L: Kevin Deshields, Pennsauken

L: Mike Emma, Clearview

L: Navarre Fortune, Pennsauken

L: Chris O'Conner, Winslow Township

L: Tom Smith, Shawnee

B: Bill Belton, Winslow Township

B: Marlin Finley, Pennsauken

B: Ed Royds, Shawnee

R: Marcus Jones, Pennsauken

R: Robert Taylor, Cherry Hill East

R: DeVante Waugh, Winslow Township

R: Amar Williams, Pennsauken

K: Austin O'Brien, Shawnee

First-Team Defense

L: Justin Copes, Pennsauken

L: Franz Felix, Cherry Hill East

L: Tory Hendrick, Winslow Township

L: Nyzul Streater, Winslow Township

DB: Isaiah Campbell, Cherry Hill East

DB: George Eisenhart, Clearview

DB: Kyle Wigley, Shawnee

LB: Will Martin-Grant, Winslow Township

LB: Kennard Mitchell, Pennsauken

LB: Byron Rozier, Pennsauken

LB: Matthew Satchell, Cherry Hill East

LB: Nick Suriano, Shawnee

P: Alex Reber, Cherry Hill East

Second-Team Offense

L: Bob Bradley, Shawnee; Landon Davis, Shawnee. B: Manny Cortez, Pennsauken; Rob DiOrio, Shawnee; Dan Garwood, Clearview; Troy Sica, Clearview. R: Mike Bono, Shawnee; Billy Johnson, Winslow Township; Shaun Riley, Clearview; Stacey Upshaw-Goree, Winslow Township.

Second-Team Defense

L: Nick Delicata, Shawnee; Carmen DiTore, Cherry Hill East; Bryant Donohue, Clearview; Dontai Hill, Winsow Township; Dan Kelleher, Shawnee. DB: Sean Byrne, Shawnee; Melvin Davis, Winslow Township; Connor Donahue, Clearview. LB: David Friedman, Cherry Hill East; Andrew Hughes, Clearview; Brian Regan, Cherry Hill East; Rob Mahan, Winslow Township.