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Imhotep is the early favorite to claim Public League crown

PERHAPS THE Public League should skip ahead to baseball season. A lot of money in coaches' salaries and referees' fees could be saved.

PERHAPS THE Public League should skip ahead to baseball season. A lot of money in coaches' salaries and referees' fees could be saved.

Why the sarcasm? Imhotep Charter is a shoo-in. Coming off two consecutive championships, the Panthers return all eight rotation members, and one of the city's top underclassmen, Khyree Wooten, has arrived by transfer from Strawberry Mansion.

Center Erik Copes is committed to George Washington. Wing players Ameen Tanksley and David Appolon are bound for Niagara and Robert Morris, respectively. Plus, coach Andre Noble believes three or four more of his senior mainstays will wind up with at least Division II scholarships.

At many other schools, guards Tyhiem "Redz" Perrin and Bakari White would be stars. Here, they couldn't crack the Savvy Seven portion of the thumbnail sketches that accompany this preview (but their names are listed here because we're feeling generous).

"We know no one has won three consecutive Public League championship since 1978. That would be a very, very special accomplishment," Noble said. "We'd also like to get another state championship [as in 2009], and we're excited about the challenge of playing a national schedule.

"We expect great things. It will all come down to focus."

Elsewhere in Class AA, Communications Tech and Prep Charter are expected to find a way to make Imhotep sweat at least a little (one bead?).

Class AAAA could be a mishmash, though Simon Gratz does have solid returnees and added Drexel-bound guard Aquil Younger from West Catholic.

Inside bulwark Jerrell Wright (La Salle) makes Murrell Dobbins Tech the AAA favorite, though a pair of charters, Philadelphia Electrical and Boys' Latin, should push.

In A, Constitution and Math, Civics and Sciences will go at each others' throats and perhaps even Imhotep's.

The league has expanded by five schools, to 68. There are five newbies (Charles Carroll, Benjamin Rush, Parkway Northwest and a pair of charters, Palmer and Sankofa), and Charles Audenried is back after a 5-year absence. William Penn has gone poof; it might pull an Audenried.

New coaches: Dave Huzzard, Frankford; Al Brown, Lincoln; Jermaine Snell, Olney; Doreen Coleman, Furness; Ken Gritter, University City; Lou Williams, West Philadelphia; Jason Harrigan, Del-Val; Mike Lintulahti, Hope; Eric Hooks, Sayre; Matthew "Moo" Johnson, Strawberry Mansion; Jamie Ross, Vaux; Tina Wiggins, Audenried; Mike Gardner, Carroll; Matt Fiori, Future; Kyle Glover, Philadelphia Academy; Will Mega-Ashantee, Palmer; Gus Johnson, Parkway Northwest (the original Parkway is now West); John Creighton, Rush; and Isaiah Thomas, Sankofa.

That list includes coaches who have worked at other schools, or even had earlier stints at their current schools.

There's a new scheduling twist this season. Some schools are going with JV first/varsity second doubleheaders, with the daycaps slated to start at roughly 4:45. *




Coach: Al Brown, 1st year; Education: Northeast, Maryland Eastern Shore. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 4-10, 5-11

Savvy seven: Rickey "Slick" Savage, 5-11, G; Ronald Rollins, 6-7, F-C; Michael Bowlers, 6-8, F; Nahjir Robinson, 5-11, G; Kendrick Barnes, 6-1, G-F; Devin Jones, 6-3, G-F; Jack Ferguson, 6-foot, F. Brown's comment: "The road is just beginning."


Coach: Haviland Harper, 13th year (also Parkway, 1982-98). Education: Central, George Washington. Career: 318-340; 153-141 at Central.

Last year: 9-5, 10-13.

Savvy seven: Justin Potter, 6-foot, G-F; Sam Montgomery, 6-2, F; Eric Mallory, 5-11, G; Thomas Tinsley, 6-2, F; Chris Bing, 6-5, C; Khalif Eaddy, 6-5, C; Kyle Lafferty, 5-11, G.

Harper's comment: "We need to establish effective leadership that will carry us, especially in the fourth quarter."


Coach: Dave Huzzard, 1st year. Education: Owen J. Roberts, Kutztown. Career: 0-0

Last year: 14-0, 22-5.

Savvy seven: Keith Washington, 6-1, G; Bryant Watson, 6-1, G; Taylor Bessick, 6-9, C; Imire Taylor, 5-11, G; Rodney Davis, 5-9, G; Chris Lewis, 6-6, F; Omar Askia, 6-1, F.

Huzzard's comment: "Limited experience. Making the year a work in progress."


Coach: Calvin Jones, 25th year. Education: Edison, Delaware State. Career: 206-292.

Last year: 7-7, 8-11.

Savvy seven: Keith Richardson, 6-1, G-F; Deya Mhiesen, 6-6, C; Courtland Gilliam, 5-10, G; Darnell Green, 5-9, G; Nafeece Edwards, 6-3, F; Kawuan Chavis, 5-10, G; Robert Wilkerson, 5-10, G.

Jones' comment: "We're loaded with good athletes who can play different positions. Richardson is one of the Pub's top three players . . . wait and see."


Coach: James Brown, 5th year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1995, '98-99; West Philadelphia, '96-97). Education: Overbrook, West Chester. Career: 105-88; 73-35 at Bartram.

Last year: 13-1, 19-10.

Savvy seven: Jarmal Brown, 5-11, G; Barry Brockington, 6-4, G-F; Darrell Robinson, 6-foot, G; Jared Bryant, 6-2, G-F; Bo Murray, 6-3, F; Rasheen Singletary, 6-foot, G; Raheem Singletary, 6-1, G.

Brown's comment: "We will be competitive."


Coach: Joe Egenolf, 12th year (appointed coach for final two games of '00). Education: Central, Lynchburg (Va.). Career: 61-142.

Last year: 2-12, 6-13.

Savvy seven: Malik Mitchum, G, 5-6; Julius Van Guine, G, 5-8, Khalil Peterson, 5-10, G; Elijah Ingram, 6-2, F; Bruce White, 6-foot, F; Marcellus Johnson, 6-3, F; Jaleel Robinson, 6-3, F.

Egenolf's comment: "We have to put the pieces together and play as a team."


Coach: Mike George, 4th year; Education: Poolesville (Md.), Salisbury State. Career: 20-33.

Last year: 7-7, 7-11.

Savvy seven: Eric Moody, 5-11, G; Damian Bryant, 6-1, G; Seth Gallashaw, 6-1, G; Shakoor Woodson, 6-foot, G; Mark Ryles, 6-6, C; Damon Hudgins, 6-1, F; Trayvon King, 5-6, G.

George's comment: "Young, energetic and hard-working."


Coach: Bob DiFlorio, 2nd year (also Neumann, 1987-93; Conwell-Egan, 1994-2001; Morrisville, 2002-06); Education: SJ Prep, Drexel. Career: 190-364; 2-17 at Northeast.

Last year: 1-13, 2-17.

Savvy seven: Joe Patriarca, 5-11, G; Yusef Savage, 6-3, G; Rashaun Sligh, 6-2, F; Deion Barnes, 6-4, C; Jamil Wright, 5-6, G; Jaimee Llano, 6-1, G-F; Ernie Gartei, 6-3, F-C.

DiFlorio's comment: "Very athletic. If we get good point guard play and find another scorer, we'll make some noise."


Coach: Jermaine Snell, 1st year. Education: Mastbaum, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 8-6, 13-9.

Savvy seven: Christopher Wormley, 5-9, G; Jaree Cooper, 6-4, F; Kyle Smith, 6-foot, G; Lafayette Jeffers, 5-8, G; Tevin "Trees" Murray-Loach, 6-3, F; Malik "Magic" Starks, 6-3, G; Ray Jaggon, 6-3, G.

Snell's comment: "This team is undersized, but is scrappy and plays with huge hearts."


Coach: Freddie Stokes, 4th year; Education: West Philadelphia, Barber-Scotia. Career: 15-41.

Last year: 4-10, 4-12.

Savvy seven: Samir Hill, 5-8, G; Raymond Mills, 5-10, G; Dante Glover, 5-11, G-F; Ervin Fletcher, 6-1, G; Cory Watkins, 6-3, G-F; Brandon Fulton, 6-5, F-C; Alonzon Carmelo, 6-6, F-C.

Stokes' comment: "Good talent. How fast we come together as a unit will determine how far we go."


Coach: Mark Heimerdinger, 2nd year (also Dougherty, 1983-09). Education: Ryan, Slippery Rock. Career: 438-296; 10-9 at Fels.

Last year: 6-8, 10-9.

Savvy seven: Cristian Rojas, 6-2, G-F; Walter Thompson, 5-10, G; Kyron Conner, 6-foot, G-F; Danil Mateo, 5-9, G; Dontae Bacon, 6-4, C; Terrance Lewis, 6-foot, G-F; Demario Jones, 5-10, G.

Heimerdinger's comment: "The only thing that has been consistent so far has been our inconsistency."


Coach: Duane Ramer, 2nd year. Education: Paulsboro (N.J.), Trenton State (N.J.). Career: 20-5.

Last year: 14-0, 20-5.

Savvy seven: Andrew Moye, 6-2, G; Bruce Hanner, 5-11, G; Charles Merritt, 5-11, G; Nigel Caldwell, 6-2, G; Aquil Younger, 5-10, G; Daquan Bryant, 6-2, G; Jon Owens, 6-3, F.

Ramer's comment: "The Bulldog is back!"


Coach: George Anderson, 18th year. Education: Evander Childs (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Florida A & M. Career: 241-176.

Last year: 9-5, 11-11.

Savvy seven: Rodney Chandler, 6-2, G; Shameir Duren, 6-1, G; Antwain Rucker, 5-6, G; Jermaine Flowers, 6-2, G; Louis Thompson, 6-2, F; Wayne Brunson, 5-11, G; Lou Myers, 5-11, G.

Anderson's comment: "We're just boys from the 'hood playin' ball."


Coach: Kevin Reilly, 12th year. Education: Judge, West Chester. Career: 93-112.

Last year: 2-12, 2-13.

Savvy seven: Curtis Greer, 6-2, F; Mike Fuller, 6-2, C; Kenneth Stansbury, 5-10, G; Angelo Maldonado, 6-foot, F; Devon Oliphant, 5-10, G; Ed Polanco, 6-1, F; Eugene Vann, 6-3, C.

Reilly's comment: "We have to play bigger than what we are."



Coach: Pat Durkin, 6th year. Education: La Salle, Penn State. Career: 23-79.

Last year: 3-11, 4-14.

Savvy seven: Jalen Thomas, 6-2, G; Jay Hardy, 6-2, G; Da'Quan Ballenger, 6-2, F; Haneef Muhammad, 5-7, G; Marcus Tillery, 6-6, C; Dervin Buckery, 5-7, G; Sean Ward, 6-2, F.

Durkin's comment: "Like a cloudy night; no stars. But willing to do what it takes. Can't wait for games to begin."


Coach: Larry Gainey, 10th year (also Parkway, 1999-2000); Education: Bartram, Delaware State. Career: 151-102; 138-83 at Franklin.

Last year: 12-4, 17-8.

Savvy seven: Darien Walker, 5-11, G; Shaquil Taylor, 6-1, F-C; Tevin Whitehead, 5-10, G; Sharif Saunders, 5-10, G; Kasheem Johnson, 6-2, G-F; Jarrett Bryant, 6-4, F-C; Miles Evans, 6-1, G-F.

Gainey's comment: "We're hoping to maintain our competitive spirit and advance in the playoffs."


Coach: Maurice Watson, 3rd year. Education: West Phila., Holy Family. Career: 30-17.

Last year: 13-2, 17-7.

Savvy seven: Maurice Watson Jr., 5-10, G; Carlos Taylor, 6-4, F; Yahmir Greenlee, 5-9, G; Kwalil Coleman-Jones, 6-3, F; Ralik Wise, 6-4, F; Rashan Wooten-Miller, 5-11, G; Bejon Coulter, 5-9, G.

Watson's comment: "We just want to play ball, See y'all on the wood."


Coach: Lloyd Jenkins, 11th year. Education: Bok, North Carolina A & T. Career: 92-110.

Last year: 5-9, 5-13.

Savvy seven: Jihad Ward, 6-5, F; Marquise Brown, 5-10, G; Yvon Dessus, 5-11, G; Jaleel Bennett, 5-10, G; Sean McLean, 6-3, F; Marquise Mitchell, 6-1, F; I-Mier Martin, 6-3, F.

Jenkins' comment: "Guard play will determine how far we'll go."


Coach: C.M. Brown, 30th year. Education: Central, West Chester. Career: 350-266.

Last year: 10-4, 12-10.

Savvy seven: Brandon Brown, 6-2, F; Dijon Eggleton, 6-2, F; Tahjere McCall, 6-2, G; Ernest Morris, 5-11, G; Kenneth Murphy, 5-10, G; Nadir Stukes, 5-8, G; Akeem White, 6-foot, G.

Brown's comment: "Focused and hard-working, but inexperienced best describes this team."


Coach: Leonard Poole, 2nd year (also Phila. Regional, 1997; Gratz, 2003-08); Education: Gratz, East Stroudsburg. Career: 146-65; 12-10 at FLC.

Last year: 9-5, 12-10.

Savvy seven: Turhan Griffin, 6-1, G; Troy Steed, 6-3, F; Aahmid Mink, 5-11, G; Derrick Mitchell, 6-1, G; George Ellis, 6-4, F; Joe Robinson, 6-4, C; Sean Lloyd, 6-2, F.

Poole's comment: "We'll show up. Nothing more than that to say. I like to keep it bland."


Coach: Josh Rorer, 7th year. Education: Judge, Temple. Career: 24-89.

Last year: 1-13, 4-13.

Savvy seven: Jammall Dawkins, 6-3, C; Bobby Lopez, 6-1, F; George Shank, 6-foot, G-F; Brandon McGuire, 6-3, F; Naje Benton, 5-8, G; Thomas Whitfield, 5-10, G-F; Steven Smith, 5-10, G-F.

Rorer's comment: "Our goal is to try to get better every day."


Coach: Matt Wahl, 2nd year. Education: La Salle, La Salle. Career: 15-6.

Last year: 9-5, 15-6.

Savvy seven: Will Parks, 6-1, G; Wonye MacFarland, 5-10, G; Chris Bailey, 6-5, C; Kaneeayl Davis, 6-4, G-F; Tahron Fitzhugh, 6-3, F; Rasahn Brinkley, 6-2, G-F; Shaq Graham, 6-2, G/F.

Wahl's comment: "Through hustle and team play, we plan to continue building a respectable basketball program."


Coach: Doreen Coleman, 1st year (also Furness, 2008; final 12 games of season). Education: Bartram, West Chester. Career: 2-10.

Last year: 5-9, 5-9.

Savvy seven: LaShan Byrd, 5-11, G; Christopher Dixon, 6-1, F; Edwin Harris, 6-3, C; Malakiah Harris, 6-foot, G-F; Donzel Nix, 5-10, G; Montriel Stokes, 6-2, G-F; Rasheem Trusty, 5-6, G.

Coleman's comment: "Lots of new players. We're looking to work hard defensively to have a good season."


Coach: Jim Taylor, 9th year. Education: Central, Penn State. Career: 59-116.

Last year: 0-14, 1-18.

Savvy seven: George Carter, 6-4, F; Stanley Whittaker, 5-9, G; Andre Bryant, 5-10, G; Trequan Glenn, 6-foot, G; Eric Jarvis, 6-1, F; Sean McCall, 6-3, F-C; Ravi Sinanan, 5-11, F.

Taylor's comment: "Our guard play will determine how well we'll do."


Coach: Omar Richburg, 2nd year; Education: Pittsburgh Central Catholic, Indiana (Pa.). Career: 9-11.

Last year: 6-8, 9-11.

Savvy seven: Eric Cottman, 5-10, G; Maurice Richardson, 6-2, F; Steven Scott, 6-foot, G; Kevin Beaford, 5-9, G; Earl Patton-Boyd, 6-2, C; Cuba Barron, 6-3, C; Khalil Newsome, 5-9, G.

Richburg's comment: "Play together. Play hard. Let's go Bulldogs!"


Coach: William Johnson, 3rd year. Education: Pemberton (N.J.), Rowan (N.J.). Career: 19-26.

Last year: 11-3, 17-9.

Savvy seven: Jerrell Wright, 6-8, G-F; Basir Fulmore, 6-3, G; Fred Jones, 6-3, G-F; Khalil Curtis, 6-5, F; Marquell Tate, 6-foot, G; Lamar Harrison, 6-2, F; Kiwuan Trawick, 6-3, F.

Johnson's comment: "Have to do well in the marathon, to have a great position for the sprint."


Coach: James "Flame" Lewis, 3rd year. Education: Roman, Temple. Career: 23-22.

Last year: 12-2, 15-9.

Savvy seven: Devante Chance, 5-10, G; Carrington Ward, 6-3, G; Hakeem Baxter, 6-1, G; Emmanuel Brown, 6-4, G-F; Dyshon Pack, 6-4, G-F; David George, 6-7, F; Jai Williams, 6-8, F-C.

Lewis' comment: "We'll go as far as our dedication to rebounding takes us."


Coach: Terrell Burnett, 12th year. Education: Warrenton (Ga.), Temple. Career: 116-111.

Last year: 6-8, 8-12.

Savvy seven: Rashawn Anderson, 5-8, G; Aswad Hinton, 5-6, G; Ligha Lewis, 6-3, F; Montrel Thompkins, 6-3, F; Dewayne Holland, 6-1, F; Joe Cox, 6-4, C; Shareef Ahmed, 6-3, C.

Burnett's comment: "We will show up for every game."


Coach: Ken Gritter, 1st (also Gratz, 1982; U. City, 2000-04). Education: Grand Rapids (Mich. ) Christian, Western Michigan. Career: 62-76; 60-60 at U. City.

Last year: 10-4, 13-8.

Savvy seven: Martez Lyles, 6-1, G-F; Diante Lunsford, 5-9, G; Parrish Grantham, 6-2, F; Gary Gordon, 6-1, F; Martin "Booca" Monroe, 5-10, G; Jah-son Abraham, 5-8, G; Derek Williams, 6-2, G.

Gritter's comment: "This team is small, but very ready, willing, able and not slow."


Coach: Lou Williams, 1st year (also U. City, 2005-10); Education: Franklin, Fisk (Tenn.). Career: 68-75.

Last year: 10-4, 12-6.

Savvy seven: Terrell "Sleepy" Daye, 6-2, G-F; Larry Richardson, 6-2, F; Joseph White, 5-7, G; Montrell Smith, 6-4, F; Donte Wilkins, 6-1, G-F; Lemiere Mitchell, 6-2, G-F; Derrick Carter, 5-7, G.

Williams' comment: "Our few returnees with playoff experience will be expected to catapult the new players as far as they can."



Coach: Lou Biester, 6th year (also Bartram, 1990, last nine games of season; Bartram, 2000-05). Education: Bonner, Christian Brothers University (Tenn.). Career: 237-60; 113-23 at CT.

Last year: 15-1, 18-3.

Savvy seven: Basil Malik, 5-10, G; Tony Parker, 6-2, G-F; Jerimyjah Batts, 6-7, C; Terrence Brown, 6-2, F; Gameel "Pepsi" Strange, 5-9, G; Terrell Parker, 6-2, F; Richard "Eggy" Hoskins, 6-1, G.

Biester's comment: "Trying to stay afloat."


Coach: Jason Harrigan, 1st year. Education: Burlington City (N.J.), Florida A&M. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 11-5, 12-10.

Savvy seven: Fateem Brockington, 5-10, G; Carnell Gray, 5-10, G; Rashaan Feaster, 6-2, F; Khayri King, 6-3, G-F; Jordan Mack, 6-foot, G; Christian McNeely, 6-2, G-F; Malik Smith, 5-9, G.

Harrigan's comment: "One returning starter. Limited varsity experience. Trying to change the culture and establish our identity very quickly."


Coach: John Brown, 2nd year. Education: Overbrook, Strayer. Career: 9-12.

Last year: 9-7, 9-12.

Savvy seven: Brian Williams, 5-9, G; Carlton Wright, 5-11, G; Andrew Stewart, 5-11, G-F; Rodney Hardrick, 5-10, F; Malik Wesley, 6-foot, G; Christopher Lawhorn, 6-3, F; LaQuan Alston, 5-9, G.

Brown's comment: "Young with much skill and athleticism. January will test our character."


Coach: Mike Lintulahti, 1st year. Education: Conard (W. Hartford, Conn.), Massachusetts. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 8-8, 9-13.

Savvy seven: Nafee Hardy, 6-foot, G; Frank Briggs 6-foot, G; Bruce Clements, 6-4, F; Jalil Shafi, 6-2, F; Shaheed Holmes, 5-8, G; Dante Taylor-Mills, 5-11, G; James Murray, 6-3, F.

Lintulahti's comment: "This team is committed to playing unselfishly on both ends of the floor."


Coach: Andre Noble, 7th year. Education: Boston Latin (Mass.), Lincoln. Career: 134-35.

Last year: 14-2, 25-6.

Savvy seven: Erik Copes, 6-8, F-C; David Appolon, 6-3, G; Terrell Johnson, 5-11, G; Ameen Tanksley, 6-5, G; Earl Brown, 6-6, F; Khyree Wooten, 6-2, G; Brandon Austin, 6-6, G.

Noble's comment: "We need to focus on getting better every practice!"


Coach: Kyle Epps, 6th year (4th in PL); Education: Scotch Plains (N.J.), Lincoln. Career: 45-44, 28-31 in PL.

Last year: 8-8, 9-10.

Savvy seven: Darrell Ockimey, 6-1, G; Basil Mack, 6-2, F; Luis Cirilo, 6-foot, G; Mariano Cora, 6-2, F; Jordano Rodriguez, 6-3, F; Chris Morgan, 6-6, F; Hassan Harrington, 5-11, G.

Epps' comment: "Don't disrespect the game."


Coach: Ron Brown, 3rd year. Education: Mastbaum, Delaware State. Career: 17-25.

Last year: 8-7, 12-9.

Savvy seven: Myles Brooker, 5-10, G; Khalik Long, 6-1, G-F; William Wingate, 6-3, G-F; Hassan Jones, 5-9, G; Michael Foster, 6-2, F; David Wright, 6-3, F; Rahfik Slaughter, 6-foot, G-F.

Brown's comment: "Playing in the city's best division will be a great challenge."


Coach: Dan Brinkley, 7th year. Education: Dobbins, Lincoln. Career: 127-41.

Last year: 9-7, 12-12.

Savvy seven: Mark Wilmer, 6-5, F; Laquan Stephens, 6-3, F; Byron Whiting, 5-11, G; John Longo, 6-foot, G; Abraham Massaley, 5-10, G; Jamie Betancourt, 6-2, G; Jalil Myers, 6-7, F.

Brinkley's comment: "If you're not running with us, run from us."


Coach: Jamie Ross, 1st year; Education: Frankford, Eastern Kentucky. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 12-4, 13-7.

Savvy seven: James Butler, 6-5, F; Jahson Carrington, 6-3, F; Rysheed Jordan, 6-3, G; Jaleel Williams, 5-10, G; Shawn Williams, 5-10, G; Jermaine Weeks, 6-foot, G; Faquil Robinson, 6-2, F.

Ross' comment: "Small, but athletic. Should compete with anybody if we continue to work hard and get better."


Coach: Matthew "Moo" Johnson, 1st year. Education: Mansion, Gwynedd-Mercy. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 16-0, 28-2.

Savvy seven: James Cole, 6-2, G; Sultan Smith, 6-foot, G; Khalil Whitehead, 5-10, G; Karon Keane, 6-3, F; Raekwon Dial, 5-foot, G; Shareef Green, 6-4, F; Amir Butler, 6-3, G.

Johnson's comment: "New coach and team. We must look to make our own mark with hard work and scrappy play."


Coach: Chris Monahan, 3rd year. Education: Wood, Lehigh. Career: 19-24.

Last year: 7-7, 7-15.

Savvy seven: Nature "Nate" Boyer, 6-foot, G; Jack Burris, 5-9, G; Mark Jiles, 6-2, F-C; Mike Majett, 6-2, G-F; Raheem Nesmith, 5-11, G; Greg Sharp, 5-10, G; Richard Williams, 6-3, F-C.

Monahan's comment: "We're going to have to outwork people every practice and every game."


Coach: Eric Hooks, 1st year (also Sayre, 2008-2009; resigned after nine games of '09 season). Education: Central, Temple. Career: 11-21.

Last year: 4-12, 5-12.

Savvy seven: Dom Johnson, 6-1, F; Shymear Northington, 5-8, G; Kyleil Sweat, 5-11, G-F; Javonnta Zimmerman, 6-foot, G-F; Lamar Reddick, 6-3, G-F; Robert Butler, 6-6, F-C; Hakim Williams, 5-8, G.

Hooks' comment: "We look forward to the challenge of playing all these strong teams in our division."



Coach: Michael Moore, 3rd year. Education: Dobbins, Temple (current student). Career: 11-21.

Last year: 8-7, 9-8.

Savvy seven: Deontae Richardson, 5-9, G; Eugene Lett, 5-8, G; Marcus Hanton, 6-3, C; Sharquill Farmer, 5-8, G; Rashon Gaymon, 6-foot, F; Marquis Williams, 5-7, G; Jamal Phillips, 5-10, F.

Moore's comment: "This season is dedicated to our beloved principal, Mrs. Peggie Gillis Johnson, who passed away in November."


Coach: Tina Wiggins, 1st year (also Furness, 2009-10). Education: Bartram, East Stroudsburg. Career: 12-18.

Last year: not in league (returning after 5-year absence) .

Savvy seven: Lamont Bligen, 5-9, F; Daquan Jones, 5-11, G; Jamir Leach, 6-foot, C; Juawan Mason, 6-foot, G-F; Qaadir Nock, 5-11, G; Maurice Wiltbanks, 5-8, G; Eric Hovington, 6-foot, F.

Wiggins' comment: "Looking forward to a good start, using quickness and defense, and a great finish."


Coach: Mike Gardner, 1st year (also Center City Academy, 2003). Education: Washington Union (Fresno, Calif.), Temple. Career: 6-9.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Jeremy Irby, 6-2, G; Jamier Cross, 6-1, G-F; Dionte Lockwood, 6-4, F; Jahid Brown, 5-10, G; Josue Falu, 6-foot, F; Shamir Washington, 6-2, F; Marc Price, 6-foot, G-F.

Gardner's comment: "Here we go . . . Our goal is to make the playoffs."


Coach: John Dunphy, 6th year. Education: West Catholic, Temple. Career: 5-79.

Last year: 1-14, 3-16.

Savvy seven: Matt Powers, 6-2, G; Eternal Ruffin, 6-foot, G; Matthew Lauer, 6-1, F; David Ocasio, 5-11, F; Ralphy Sierra, 5-10, G; Kevin Gil, 5-10, G; Damien Welcome, 6-4, F.

Dunphy's comment: "A lot of new talent. Looking to captain Matt Powers to lead a playoff hunt."


Coach: Steve Kikendall, 2nd year (also Franklin, 2000; Bodine, 2005-09). Education: Liberty (N.Y.), Philadelphia Bible. Career: 81-76; 3-17 at Esperanza.

Last year: 1-15, 3-17.

Savvy seven: Shaquille Bowman, 6-6, C; Maurice McNeal, 6-3, G; Hashim "Lani" Fleming, 6-foot, G; Angel Peguero, 6-1, G; Shatir Monroe, 5-10, G; Sam Rodriguez, 6-1, F; Joshua Miles, 6-2, G.

Kikendall's comment: "Very talented upperclassmen, though little varsity experience. Should get stronger as season progresses."


Coach: Matt Fiori, 1st year. Education: Cinnaminson (N.J.), Bloomsburg. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 5-8, 6-8.

Savvy seven: Marquis Amey, 6-5, F; John DeGregorio, 6-foot, F; Raheem Robinson, 6-6, F; Dominique Williams, 5-10, G; Davone Winkins, 5-9, G; Rasheed Jones, 5-11, G; Denzel Brown, 6-1, F.

Fiori's comment: "Extremely talented juniors/seniors. Our success depends on academics/behavior."


Coach: John Gannon, 20th year (18th in PL). Education: Neumann, Penn State. Career: 164-191 (not in PL in '94; 3-3 record).

Last year: 2-13, 3-15.

Savvy seven: Gary Bryant, 5-11, G; Jack Christmas, 6-2, C; Terrell Skipper, 5-9, G; Nate Smith, 5-7, G; Malcolm Carrington, 5-11, G; Mike Sturdivant, 5-10, G; Troy Winn, 5-11, F.

Gannon's comment: "Very young with a year of experience. That combination should make for an interesting season."


Coach: Steve Gittleman, 3nd year (also Akiba Hebrew, 1983-90; Lincoln 1995-2008). Education: Olney, Southern Mississippi. Career: Unavailable; 24-17 at Palumbo (146-154 at Lincoln).

Last year: 9-6, 14-9.

Savvy seven: Vincent Christopher, 6-2, F; Demetrius Davenport, 6-foot, G; Maurice Harris, 6-1, G; Jameal Tucker, 6-4, C; Tyler Dickinson, 6-3, F; Sharif Smith, 5-11, G; Kevin Hayes, 6-1, F.

Gittleman's comment: "Young and aggressive. Defense is the key to success."


Coach: Kyle Glover, 1st year. Education: Franklin Towne, Phila. Community. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 6-10, 6-12.

Savvy seven: Elijah Carroll, 5-7, G; Jamil Hines, 5-10, G; Aaron Ball, 5-11, G; Dawud Muhammad, 6-1, F; Dan Bianco, 5-8, G; Matt Ruiz, 5-6, G; Mike Sullivan, 6-1, F.

Glover's comment: "Not the best talent. We do have the most heart."


Coach: Matt Kay, 3rd year. Education: Saul, West Chester. Career: 6-26.

Last year: 4-11, 5-12.

Savvy seven: Tyler Hankinson, 6-foot, G; Sam Kabangai, 5-10, G; Cody Nichols, 6-foot, F; Mustapha Idriss, 6-2, F; Sam Sirochman, 6-2, C; Jarred Luckey, 5-8, G; Tajh Jenkins, 5-10, G.

Kay's comment: "Looking to build on last year's strong finish. Influx of fresh talent. Strong group of returning players."


Coach: Paul Winters, 7th year. Education: Abington, Delaware. Career: 27-82.

Last year: 0-16, 0-19.

Savvy seven: Abdoulay Gakou, 5-8, G; Darius Dove, 6-2, F; Josh Collins, 6-3, F; Kevon Dukes, 5-10, G; Prince Dwuye, 5-7, G; Shawn Brown, 6-foot, F; Kenneth Harris, 5-10, F.

Winters' comment: "We've matured and we're better."


Coach: Lynn Greer Sr., 2nd year; Education: Edison, Virginia State. Career: 6-13.

Last year: 4-11, 6-13.

Savvy seven: Turon Gaskin, 5-10 F; Jordan Prather, 5-3, G; Sahlil Harris, 6-foot, G-F; Jermayne Crump, 6-3, G-F; Nadir Matthews, 5-9, G; Brandon Washington, 6-foot, F; Glen Hampton, 5-4, G. Greer's comment: "A team full of young players who are eager to learn and test their skills. We hope to play well against teams of similar abilities/skills."



Coach: John Creighton, 1st year. Education: Northeast, East Stroudsburg. Career: 0-0.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Syr Munoz, 5-10, G; Benjamin Lamborn, 5-10, G; William Madden, 5-11, F; Anthony Galdo, 5-10, G; John Kinning-Graves, 5-7, G; Nicholas Tuller, 5-11, F; Andre Mejia, 5-11, G.

Creighton's comment: "We have to be the smallest varsity team in the Pub (15 guys 5-11 or shorter). Maybe in recent history!"


Coach: Rob Moore, 2nd year. Education: Bodine, Temple. Career: 20-7.

Last year: 13-2, 20-7.

Savvy seven: Erik Raleigh, 6-8, C; Xavier Harris, 6-5, F; Mamadou Diakite, 6-4, F; Abdul King, 6-2, G-F; Marvin Champ, 5-10, G; Tamir Bolger, 5-7, G; Daiquan Walker, 6-1, G.

Moore's comment: "Trying to complete unfinished business!"


Coach: Eldred "Jay" Bagley, 2nd year. Education: Overbrook, Virginia State. Career: 2-14.

Last year: 2-13, 2-14.

Savvy seven: Harris Griffin, 6-2, G; Martin Valle, 5-11, G-F; Tayquan Barratt, 5-10, G-F; Alvin Skinner, 6-foot, F-C; Ikeal Johnson, 6-2, G-F; Jeffrey Brown, 6-5, C; Rahkim Summers, 6-2, F-C.

Bagley's comment: "Having 10 returning players brings some hope to this very young program."


Coach: Art Kratchman, 24th year (21st in PL; missed first two games of '10 on medical leave). Education: Central, Temple. Career: 119-397; 105-374 in PL.

Last year: 3-12, 4-18.

Savvy seven: Tobias Stokes, 5-9, G; Jeff Williford, 5-8, G; Mikail Wilson, 6-3, C; Devon Ford, 6-1, F; Derrick Ford, 5-10, G; Will Finch, 6-2, F; Chris Litrenta, 5-8, G.

Kratchman's comment: "We are going to be a good team in January . . . 2012."


Coach: Danny Jackson, 5th year. Education: MC&S, Saint Joseph's. Career: 75-36.

Last year: 14-1, 22-6.

Savvy seven: Warren Dogan, 6-2, G; Chris Stokes, 6-foot, G; Tyreek Riddick, 6-1, G; Muhammad Amin, 6-5, F; Thomas Moore, 5-11, G; Jeremiah Worthem, 6-6, G-F; Jeffon Powell, 6-5, F.

Jackson's comment: "Road to redemption."


Coach: Al Greene, 4th year. Education: Milton Hershey, Pitt. Career: 33-27.

Last year: 11-4, 16-7.

Savvy seven: Khalil Laws, 5-10, G; Aatif Clark, 5-10, G; Marquis Singleton, 6-3, F; Keenon Johnson, 6-3, G-F; Aaron Henderson, 5-10, G; Kairi Joiner, 6-4, C; Taron Barnes, 6-1, G.

Greene's comment: "We lost a lot of talent, but I expect us to be very competitive."


Coach: Will Mega-Ashantee, 1st year. Education: W. Catholic, Lincoln. Career: 0-0.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Amir Davis, 5-11, G; Kadir Council, 5-8, G; Donte' Winfield, 6-foot, G; Malik Burbage, 6-foot, G-F; Naim Gilmore, 6-1, F; Demetrius Crawford, 6-1, F; Samir Armstrong, 6-3, G-F.

Mega-Ashantee's comment: "Feisty sharpshooters. Can do nothing but get better as their basketball IQ increases."


Coach: Gus Johnson, 1st year. Education: Dobbins. Career: 0-0.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Darren White-Green, 6-4, F-C; Kirk Tomlin, 6-foot, G; Corey Widgins, 5-10, G; Michael Leach, 6-2, F; Khadim Diaw, 6-4, F-C; Brian Johnson, 6-foot, F; David Reaves III, 6-foot, G.

Johnson's comment: "Very scrappy and competitive kids. They love the game."


Coach: Pete Canale, 3rd year. Education: Radnor, West Chester. Career: 11-19.

Last year: 6-8, 7-8.

Savvy seven: Mike Stewart, 5-11, G; Larry Webster, 5-10, G; Terrell James, 6-foot, G; Kahlil Keel, 6-4, F; Markese Fray, 6-2, G-F; Mike Pearson, 6-3, F-C; Henry Johnson, 5-10, G.

Canale's comment: "We have to play good defense to compete."


Coach: Rob Powlen, 6th year; Education: Crefield, Philadelphia Textile. Career: 63-49.

Last year: 12-3, 16-6.

Savvy seven: Marquise Richards, 6-foot, G; Andre Washington, 6-3, F-C; Richard Lemon, 6-4, F; Leonard Chester, 6-3, F; Dejuan Buttler, 5-7, G; Nate Hargust, 6-1, G; Jeremy Hagins, 6-2, F-C.

Powlen's comment: "Potential for good season. Need contributions from entire Savvy Seven."


Coach: Sam Jacobs, 5th year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1996; Overbrook, 2003-06). Education: Roosevelt (Brooklyn, N.Y.), East Stroudsburg. Career: 56-108, 14-49 at Lamberton.

Last year: 4-12, 4-14.

Savvy seven: Jean-Claude Forte, 5-10, G; Andrew Hoven, 6-4, C; Elijah Johnson, 6-4, F; Nafis Jones, 6-3, F; Troy Yancy, 6-3, G-F; Anthony Fagan, 5-11, G; Trebor Adams, 6-1, F.

Jacobs' comment: "Last year two players were stolen. This year one returned."


Coach: Joe Gifford, 3rd year. Education: W. Catholic, Temple. Career: 0-31.

Last year: 0-14, 0-15.

Savvy seven: Alfred Beauchamp, 6-3, F; Shahiyd Tilghman-Bullock, 6-1, G; Troy Smith, 6-2, F; Walter Holmes, 6-2, G-F; Basheer Hairston, 6-2, G-F; Jose Rios, 6-foot, G; Nakeem Robinson, 6-3, G-F.

Gifford's comment: "We'll play hard and hope that hard work will help us become more competitive on a game-by-game basis."


Coach: Isaiah Thomas, 1st year. Education: Frankford, Penn State. Career: 0-0.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Jaleel Williams, 6-4, F; James Jefferson, 6-4, F; Shyheim Ladson, 5-10, G; Zakur Williams, 5-10, G; Luis Martinez, 5-10, G; Juwan Milliner, 6-3, F; Rafiq Marshall, 5-11, G.

Thomas' comment: "Very young, but we'll work hard, play unselfish and get better. 'Want for your brother what you want for yourself' is our team philosophy."


Coach: Kenyatta McKinney, 4th year. Education: Gratz, Temple. Career: 25-36.

Last year: 8-7, 12-9.

Savvy seven: Markeith Mont, 6-5, G; Anthony Guess, 6-7, C; Nicholas Brown, 6-7, C; Shon Phillips, 6-2, G; Ichywond Savage, 6-3, F; Fateem Glenn, 5-5, G; Dion Jones, 6-5, F.

McKinney's comment: "Returning 8 players. Resilient bunch. Mont one of city's best."


FIRST TEAM: Jerrell Wright, Dobbins, C; Ameen Tanksley, Imhotep, G.

SECOND TEAM: David Appolon, Imhotep, G; Erik Copes, Imhotep, C.

THIRD TEAM: Maurice Watson, Boys' Latin, G; Erik Raleigh, Constitution, C.

FOURTH TEAM: 1-Khyree Wooten, Imhotep, G-F; Xavier Harris, Constitution, F.


SIXTH TEAM: Markeith Mont, World Comm., G; Basir Fulmore, Dobbins, G-F.

HIGH HONORABLE MENTION: Guards: Carrington Ward, Phila. Elec.; Turhan Griffin, Franklin LC; Andrew Moye, Gratz. Forwards/Centers: Mark Wilmer, Prep Charter.

HONORABLE MENTION: Guards: Devante Chance, Phila. Elec.; Rashawn Anderson, Roxborough; Tyhiem "Redz" Perrin, Imhotep; Martez Lyles, Univ. City; Abdul King, Constitution; Ray Jaggon, Olney; Kervyn Haynes, Swenson (will miss season with injury); Terrell "Sleepy" Daye, W. Phila.; Nadir Matthews, Bodine; Darrell Ockimey, Bracetti; Matt Powers, CAPA; Walter Holmes, Douglas; Thomas Moore, MC&S.

Forwards/Centers: Earl Brown, Imhotep; Andre Washington, Robeson; Malik Wesley, Freire; Harris Griffin, Elverson.

(1-played last year at Strawberry Mansion.)