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Stotesbury Cup Regatta Schedule

Regatta takes place on the Schuylkill. Friday 8 a.m.   Boys' freshman eight heats 8:25   Girls' junior double heats 8:39    Girls' freshman eight heats

Regatta takes place on the Schuylkill.


8 a.m.   Boys' freshman eight heats

8:25   Girls' junior double heats

8:39    Girls' freshman eight heats

9:08   Boys' junior double heats

9:21   Boys' junior four heats

9:43   Girls' junior four heats

10:08   Boys' freshman 4x heats

10:16   Girls' freshman 4x heats

10:24   Girls' lightweight double heats

10:32   Boys' lightweight double heats

10:42   Girls' junior eight heats

11   Boys' junior eight heats

11:18   Boys' junior quad heats

11:28   Girls' junior quad heats

11:38   Girls' lightweight eight heats

12:03   Boys' lightweight eight heats

12:12   Boys' lightweight four heats

12:28   Girls' lightweight four heats

12:44   Girls' senior double heats

12:52   Boys' senior double heats

1   Boys' second eight heats

1:12   Girls' second eight heats

1:24   Girls' senior quad heats

1:32   Boys' senior quad heats

1:42   Boys' senior single heats

1:58   Girls' senior single heats

2:10   Girls' senior four heats

2:30   Boys' senior four heats

2:50   Girls' senior eight heats

3:05   Boys' senior eight heats

4   Boys' freshman eight semifinals

4:18   Girls' freshman eight semifinals

4:36   Girls' junior double semifinals

4:48   Boys' junior double semifinals

5:06   Boys' junior four semifinals

5:24   Girls' junior four semifinals

5:42   Boys' freshman 4x semifinals

5:54   Girls' freshman 4x semifinals

6:06   Girls' lightweight double semifinals

6:18   Boys' lightweight double semifinals

6:30   Boys' junior quad semifinals

6:42   Girls' junior quad semifinals


8 a.m.   Girls' junior eight semifinals

8:18   Boys' junior eight semifinals

8:36   Girls' lightweight eight semifinals

8:48   Boys' lightweight eight semifinals

9   Boys' lightweight four semifinals

9:18   Girls' lightweight four semifinals

9:36   Girls' senior double semifinals

9:48   Boys' senior double semifinals

10   Boys' second eight semifinals

10:12   Girls' second eight semifinals

10:24   Girls' senior quad semifinals

10:36   Boys' senior quad semifinals

10:48   Boys' senior single semifinals

11:06   Girls' senior single semifinals

11:18   Girls' senior four semifinals

11:36   Boys' senior four semifinals

11:54   Girls' senior eight semifinals

12:12   Boys' senior eight semifinals

1   Boys' freshman eight final

1:10   Girls' freshman eight final

1:20   Girls' junior double final

1:30   Boys' junior double final

1:40   Boys' junior four final

1:50   Girls' junior four final

2   Boys' freshman 4x final

2:10   Girls' freshman 4x final

2:20   Girls' lightweight double final

2:30   Boys' lightweight double final

2:40   Girls' junior eight final

2:50   Boys' junior eight final

3   Boys' junior quad final

3:10   Girls' junior quad final

3:20   Girls' lightweight eight final

3:30   Boys' lightweight eight final

3:40   Boys' lightweight four final

3:50   Girls' lightweight four final

4   Girls' senior double final

4:10   Boys' senior double final

4:20   Boys' second eight final

4:30   Girls' second eight final

4:40   Girls' senior quad final

4:50   Boys' senior quad final

5   Boys' senior single final

5:10   Girls' senior single final

5:20   Girls' senior four final

5:30   Boys' senior four final

5:40   Girls' senior eight final

5:50   Boys' senior eight final