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Ballot Questions

The NJSIAA's general membership will vote Monday on five pieces of legislation. A majority of ballots cast is needed to pass each proposal.

The NJSIAA's general membership will vote Monday on five pieces of legislation. A majority of ballots cast is needed to pass each proposal.

QUESTION 1: Change the state wrestling championship format.

This proposal seeks to separate non-public wrestlers into four district tournaments and one region tournament. Public wrestlers would compete in 28 district tournaments and seven region tournaments.

Public and non-public wrestlers would compete against each other at the state tournament after regional events.

The current format has non-public and public wrestlers competing together in 32 district tournaments and eight region tournaments.

QUESTION 2: Change the start date of the fall season.

This proposal seeks to move the start of the fall season for both practice and games to an earlier date. In 2016, football practice would start Aug. 10 and the first football games could be played Thursday, Sept. 1 - four days before Labor Day.

Other fall sports could start practice Aug. 15 and play their first games on Sept. 8 (except for girls' tennis, which could start Sept. 6).

QUESTION 3: Add a winter sports tryout period.

This proposal seeks to allow schools to hold tryouts in winter sports on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. No practice would be permitted from Thanksgiving until the following Monday, which would be the official start of the six-day count before scrimmages would be allowed.

The NJSIAA has allowed teams to hold tryouts on these days the last two years under a waiver. This proposal would make the tryout period part of the NJSIAA's bylaws.

QUESTION 4: Create a non-public football conference.

This proposal seeks to remove all non-public football teams from their existing league or conference and place them in a statewide, non-public football conference.

The proposal reads: "There shall be a non-public football conference, consisting of all non-public member schools that participate in the sport of football. Non-conference play between public and non-public schools shall be at the discretion of each school."

QUESTION 5: Amend the transfer rule.

This proposal seeks to impose a stricter penalty on student-athletes who transfer to or from an "open" enrollment school.

Under the terms of this legislation, a student-athlete who lettered in a varsity sport and transfers to or from an "open" enrollment school will sit out 30 days of the next varsity season in that sport and also will be ineligible to play in the state tournament. There will be no appeal process.

Under current NJSIAA rules, athletes who transfer must sit out 30 days but are eligible for the state tournament.

The NJSIAA defines "open" enrollment schools as non-public schools as well as public schools that accept tuition students and/or students in the state's school-choice program.

- Phil Anastasia