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Coach: Ed McGettigan, 2nd year. Education: Judge, Saint Joseph's. Career: 2-15.

Last year: 1-13, 2-15.

Savvy seven: Rickey Savage, 5-11, G; David Burkhart, 5-11, G; Ronald Rollins, 6-5, C; Karl Shanks, 6-1, F; Willie Johnson, 6-foot, G; Devin Jones, 6-2, F; Kendrick Barnes, 6-1, F.

McGettigan's comment: "Need to play hard, smart and together in order to have fun."


Coach: Haviland Harper, 12th year (also Parkway, 1982-98). Education: Central, George Washington. Career: 308-327; 143-128 at Central.

Last year: 4-10, 5-17.

Savvy seven: Brandon Smith, 6-6, F-C; DeVonne Boler, 6-foot, F; Jordan Bailey, 6-3, F; Kamil Alston, 5-11, G; Miles Henry, 5-10, G; Sam Montgomery, 6-2, F; Justin Potter, 6-1, F.

Harper's comment: "It's going to take December to jell. Stronger by league play."


Coach: Ben Dubin, 5th year (also Fels, 2001-02). Education: Washington, Delaware. Career: 87-51; 74-27 at Frankford.

Last year: 12-2, 17-5.

Savvy seven: Harold Hicks, 5-9, G; Terrell Clark, 6-3, G-F; Steffon Poole, 6-3, G-F; Dehaven Brown, 6-1, G; Karon Blackman, 6-3, F; Carl Wallace, 6-4, F; Shaquille Duncan, 6-8, F-C.

Dubin's comment: "Deep and experienced. If we keep it together emotionally, it could be a special season."


Coach: Calvin Jones, 24th year. Education: Edison, Delaware State. Career: 198-281.

Last year: 9-5, 12-9.

Savvy seven: Donte Williams, 6-3, G; Tim Kowalko, 6-7, C; Master Corbin, 6-3, F; Austin Sampson, 5-11, G; Darnell Green, 5-8, G; Jalil Stokes, 6-foot, F; Mike Schuler, 5-8, G.

Jones' comment: "If Williams and Kowalko play to their capabilities, we'll contend and hope to go deeper in the playoffs."


Coach: Matt Wahl, 1st year. Education: La Salle, La Salle. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 5-9, 6-12.

Savvy seven: Ramadan Abdullah, 6-1, G; Edward Callender, 6-6, C; Shawn Green, 6-1, G; Dominique Twiggs, 6-3, F; Jeffrey Johnson, 5-8, G; Quodrice Hendrix, 6-4, F; Wonye McFarland, 5-10, G.

Wahl's comment: "Nice mix of returning/new players. Looking to mix it up and make a playoff run."


Coach: James Brown, 4th year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1995, '98-99; West Philadelphia, '96-97). Education: Overbrook, West Chester. Career: 86-78; 54-25 at Bartram.

Last year: 10-4, 18-9.

Savvy seven: Tyrone Garland, 6-1, G; Darrell Lane, 6-4, F-C; Zaahir Allen, 6-2, G; Quasim Jones, 5-10, G; Caron Fletcher, 5-8, G; Devin Moore, 6-5, F; Al-Hajj Shabazz, 6-2, G-F.

Brown's comment: "The harder we work, the better we'll be."


Coach: Joe Egenolf, 11th year (appointed coach for final two games of '00). Education: Central, Lynchburg (Va.). Career: 55-129.

Last year: 7-7, 11-10.

Savvy seven: Devon Finney, 6-foot, G; Nafis Mullins, 6-foot, G; Kyle Richardson, 6-5, F; Andre Ruff, 6-3, G-F; Bruce White, 6-foot, F; Michael Glenn, 6-1, F; Leroy Smith, 6-4, F.

Egenolf's comment: "Hit hard by graduation. But with teamwork and dedication, we will be successful."


Coach: Mike George, 3rd year; Education: Poolesville (Md.), Salisbury State. Career: 13-22.

Last year: 2-12, 4-14.

Savvy seven: Tareek Massey, 6-foot, F; Mike Wilson, 6-4, G; Sean Rogers, 6-3, G; Kenneth Edwards, 6-1, G; Devon Gray, 6-foot, G; Seth Gallashaw, 6-foot, G; Devon Wilson, 6-6, C.

George's comment: "We believe we have something special and can't wait to prove it."


Coach: Bob DiFlorio, 1st year (also Neumann, 1987-93; Conwell-Egan, 1994-2001; Morrisville, 2002-06); Education: SJ Prep, Drexel. Career: 188-347.

Last year: 2-12, 4-14.

Savvy seven: Dan Patriarca, 5-9, G; Eric Jean-Simon, 6-4, F; Dante Collier, 6-foot, G; Mike Coulonte, 6-foot, G-F; Andre Hutchins, 5-8, G; Anthony Fuscellaro, 6-7, C.

DiFlorio's comment: "Expect our kids to be competitive in a very difficult division."


Coach: Jeff McKenna, 4th year (also Olney, 2005). Education: North Penn, Kutztown. Career: 34-46.

Last year: 13-1, 19-3.

Savvy seven: Ray Jaggon, 6-3, G; Kadeem Patterson, 6-2, G; Jaree Cooper, 6-4, F; Jabriel McLeod, 6-2, G; Gerald Nixon, 5-10, G; Darrelle Sherman, 6-3, F; William Thomas, 5-10, G.

McKenna's comment: "Great group to work with, but we lack experience. Should have strong guard play, and play hard."


Coach: Freddie Stokes, 3rd year; Education: West Philadelphia, Barber-Scotia. Career: 11-29.

Last year: 2-12, 3-13.

Savvy seven: Raheem Nelson, 6-3, G-F; Cashad McFadden, 6-4, G-F; Marsalis Chism, 6-4, F-C; Raymond Clark, 5-8, G; Dante Glover, 6-foot, G; Brandon Fulton, 6-4, F-C; Hineef Miller, 6-3, F-C.

Stokes' comment: "My players are great kids, but Dorothy needs to take some of them to see the wizard."


Coach: Mark Heimerdinger, 1st year (also Dougherty, 1983-09). Education: Ryan, Slippery Rock. Career: 418-287.

Last year: 8-6, 9-9.

Savvy seven: Devon Perrin, 6-2, G; Kevin Steed, 6-2, F; Richard Jones, 6-2, F; Robert Jones, 6-3, F; Greg Davis, 5-7, G; Cristian Rojas, 6-1, F; Teree Johnson, 6-3, F.

Heimerdinger's comment: "In the process of building a strong foundation for a successful program."


Coach: George Anderson, 17th year. Education: Evander Childs (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Florida A & M. Career: 230-165.

Last year: 11-3, 16-12.

Savvy seven: Shaquille Gaskins, 6-1, G; Haywood Henderson, 5-9, G; Mac Stokes, 6-2, G-F; Juwan Campbell, 6-4, F; Rodney Chandler, 6-3, F; Shameir Duren, 6-2, G; Antuan Rucker, 5-7, G.

Anderson's comment: "It is what it is."


Coach: Kevin Reilly, 11th year. Education: Judge, West Chester. Career: 91-99.

Last year: 9-5, 12-8.

Savvy seven: Rodney Davis, 5-10, G; Gerald Terry, 6-foot, G; Curtis Greer, 6-1, F; Mike Fuller, 6-2, C; Kenneth Stansbury, 5-10, G; Jorge Reyes, 6-1, C; Gonzalo Lebron, 5-8, G.

Reilly's comment: "We'll be AT the games. Not sure how many we'll be IN."


Coach: Lou Williams, 6th year. Education: Franklin, Fisk (Tenn.). Career: 55-67.

Last year: 10-4, 12-9.

Savvy seven: Michael Clemmons, 6-4, F; Nashawn Gray, 6-3, G-F; Kasheem Johnson, 5-11, G; Aramis Jones, 5-10, G; Martez Lyles, 5-11, G; Nasir Mitchell, 5-11, G; Micah Peeler, 6-3, F-C.

Williams' comment: "Never sure how a season will go. Want our players to have a fun, great experience."



Coach: Pat Durkin, 5th year. Education: La Salle, Penn State. Career: 19-65.

Last year: 2-12, 7-14.

Savvy seven: Shawn Bradley, 6-3, F-C; Kervyn Haynes, 5-10, G; Jalen Thomas, 5-11, G; John Hardy, 6-foot, G-F; Markiem Jenkins, 5-9, G; Alberto Leon, 6-3, F-C; Maurice Dickerson, 6-foot, F.

Durkin's comment: "Very unselfish, hardworking, eager to learn. With a little luck, might surprise a few teams."


Coach: Lloyd Jenkins, 10th year. Education: Bok, North Carolina A & T. Career: 87-97.

Last year: 8-6, 9-8.

Savvy seven: Joshua Garnett, 6-3, F; Jihad Ward, 6-5, F-C; Issac Adams, 6-1, G; Siddiq Blackwell, 5-10, G; Inza Dosso, 5-9, G; Kevin Thompson, 6-1, F; Marquise Brown, 5-10, G.

Jenkins' comment: "Not a lot of experience. We will always show up and play hard."


Coach: C.M. Brown, 29th year. Education: Central, West Chester. Career: 338-256.

Last year: 12-2, 15-9.

Savvy seven: Zachary Spence, 5-9, G; Mark Houston, 6-5, C; Dijon Eggleton, 6-1, F; Brandon Brown, 6-2, F; Bruce Brown, 5-8, G; Christopher Aldridge, 6-4, F; Courtney Calloway, 6-1, F.

Brown's comment: "Fun group of young men. Key to any success for us is defense."


Coach: Leonard Poole, 1st year (also Phila. Regional, 1997; Gratz, 2003-08); Education: Gratz, East Stroudsburg. Career: 134-55.

Last year: 14-0, 19-7.

Savvy seven: Jerrod Johnson, 6-3, F; Antonio Strickland, 5-10, G; Turhan Griffin, 6-foot, G-F; Troy Steed, 6-3, F; Aahmid Mink, 5-9, G; Derrick Mitchell, 5-10, G; George Ellis, 6-3, F-C.

Poole's comment: "Young and inexperienced, but we WILL play hard."


Coach: Josh Rorer, 6th year. Education: Judge, Temple. Career: 20-76.

Last year: 6-8, 11-10.

Savvy seven: John McClendon, 5-8, G; Steve Schoolfield, 5-8, G; Bobby Lopez, 6-1, F; George Shank, 5-10, F; Thomas Whitfield, 5-10, G-F; Jamal Dawkins, 6-3, C; Tyler Landis, 6-4, F.

Rorer's comment: "Our goal is to try to get better every day."


Coach: Tina Wiggins, 2nd year. Education: Bartram, East Stroudsburg. Career: 7-9.

Last year: 6-8, 7-9.

Savvy seven: Devin Hill, 6-6, C; Dijohn McNeil, 6-foot, F; Calvin Hill, 5-9, G; Dionte Horace, 6-2, C; Shakim Thomas, 6-foot, F; Ian Caesar, 5-6, G; Chris Marano, 5-9, G.

Wiggins' comment: "I am looking forward to team-oriented play and more W's."


Coach: Jim Taylor, 8th year. Education: Central, Penn State. Career: 58-98.

Last year: 0-14, 0-16.

Savvy seven: David Garcia, 6-3, F; George Carter, 6-4, F; Juwan Morrison, 5-9, G; Dominick Daniels, 6-1, F; Tim Odom, 6-3, F; Stanley Whitaker, 5-8, G; Granfort Rodgers, 5-10, G.

Taylor's comment: "Need some size, but expect improvement from many returnees."


Coach: Omar Richburg, 1st year; Education: Pittsburgh Central Catholic, Indiana (Pa.). Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-11, 5-14.

Savvy seven: Wanyae Hartsfield, 5-9, G; Malcolm Lyles, 6-foot, Eric Cottman, 5-8, G; Chris Chavis, 6-1, F; Maurice Richardson, 6-2, F; Bert Haynes, 6-2, F; Steven Scott, 5-11, G.

Richburg's comment: "Intelligent students. Once we play together and achieve a higher basketball IQ, we'll be successful."


Coach: William Johnson, 2nd year. Education: Pemberton (N.J.), Rowan (N.J.). Career: 2-17.

Last year: 2-12, 2-17.

Savvy seven: Jerrel Wright, 6-7, F-C; Fred Jones, 6-2, G-F; Ermon McMillan, 5-6, G; Courtland Gilliam, 5-9, G; Basir Fulmore, 6-2, F; Khalil Curtis, 6-4, F; Walter Lawrence, 6-2, F.

Johnson's comment: "We are getting better every day. The sky is the limit."


Coach: James "Flame" Lewis, 2nd year. Education: Roman, Temple. Career: 8-13.

Last year: 8-6, 8-13.

Savvy seven: Devante Chance, 5-9, G; Carrington Ward, 6-2, G; Chris Green, 6-1, G; Kyle Baldwin, 6-5, G-F; Jai Williams, 6-7, F-C; David George, 6-6, F; Andrew Badri, 6-3, G-F.

Lewis' comment: "A tough early schedule will prepare us for PL play."


Coach: Terrell Burnett, 11th year. Education: Warrenton (Ga.), Temple. Career: 108-99.

Last year: 10-4, 12-5.

Savvy seven: Anthony Patterson, 6-2, F; Aswad Hinton, 5-7, G; Kalik Stanley, 6-2, F; Justin Bailey, 5-10, G; Joseph Thomas, 5-6, G; Shaimsadin Reed, 6-3, F-C; Derrick Speas, 6-2, F-C.

Burnett's comment: "I've had good years. I've had bad years. One will repeat."


Coach: Duane Ramer, 1st year. Education: Paulsboro (N.J.), Trenton State (N.J.). Career: 0-0.

Last year: 12-2, 16-9.

Savvy seven: Antoine "Ness" Bland, 6-4, F; Tyree Smith, 6-5, G; Andrew Moye, 6-2, G; Bruce Hanner, 6-1, G; Kiari Saulsbury, 5-10, G; Charles Merritt, 5-10, G; Damion McBride, 6-1, F.

Ramer's comment: "The Bulldog is hungry!"


Coach: Chris Monahan, 2nd year. Education: Wood, Lehigh. Career: 12-9.

Last year: 10-4, 12-9.

Savvy seven: Jaleel Bond, 5-11, G; Albert Boykin, 6-1, F; Erik Bradwell, 6-2, F; Anthony Brown, 5-10, G; Cardell Hellams, 6-4, C; Andrew Reed, 6-foot, G; Richard Williams, 6-2, F.

Monahan's comment: "Lots of new faces. Same philosophy. Outwork and out-tough everyone else."


Coach: Frank Steed, 3rd year; Education: University City, Kutztown. Career: 7-26.

Last year: 6-8, 6-10.

Savvy seven: Raymond "Meatball" Nesbitt, 6-2, F; Naquil Jones, 6-2, G; Duane Coppage, 5-7, G; Shaquille Bowman, 6-4, C; Terrell Daye, 6-2, F; Lawrence Richardson, 6-1, F; Lemier Mitchell, 6-foot, G-F.

Steed's comment: "If we play together and hard, we might have a lil' sumthin' sumthin'."


Coach: James Ockimey, 1st year. Education: Bok, Virginia State. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 6-8, 6-10.

Savvy seven: Lawrence Inman, 5-8, G; Mark Blount, 6-3, F; Mike Gray, 5-8, G; Darell Dyches, 5-7, G; Steve Scott, 6-1, G-F; Erik Simmons, 5-8, G; Rashon Thomas. 6-4, F-C.

Ockimey's comment: "With all seniors, we should be all right if we play hard and smart."



Coach: Larry Gainey, 9th year (also Parkway, 1999-2000); Education: Bartram, Delaware State. Career: 134-94; 121-75 at Franklin.

Last year: 8-6, 9-9.

Savvy seven: Kenny Bey-Brown, 5-11, G; Shawn Penn, 6-foot, G-F; Jeff Giddings, 5-10, G; Darien Walker, 5-11, G-F; Shaquil Taylor, 6-1, F-C; Bahir Lacy, 6-1, F-C; Dujuan Franks, 6-4, F-C.

Gainey's comment: "We're looking to compete to the best of our ability."


Coach: Lou Biester, 5th year (also Bartram, 1990, last nine games of season; Bartram, 2000-05). Education: Bonner, Christian Brothers University (Tenn.). Career: 219-57; 95-20 at CT.

Last year: 12-2, 20-5.

Savvy seven: Shaquille Shannon, 6-2, G; Raheem Roher, 5-11, G; Sherman Blanford, 6-4, F; Gameel "Pepsi" Strange, 5-9, G; Chris Burney, 6-6, F-C; Richard "Eggy" Hoskins, 6-foot, G; Terrill Parker, 6-2, G-F.

Biester's comment: "Look for daily improvement."


Coach: Antoine Brockington, 1st year; Education: Northeast, Coppin State. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 10-4, 14-9.

Savvy seven: Rysheen Dorn, 6-3, G; Malik West, 6-4, G-F; Fred Ruff, 6-6, C; Ameer Selden, 6-5, PF-C; Jeremiah Mitchell, 6-4, PF-C; Carnell Gray, 5-10, G; Christian McNeely, 6-1, G.

Brockington's comment: "Work in progress."


Coach: Steve Kikendall, 1st year (also Franklin, 2000; Bodine, 2005-09). Education: Liberty (N.Y.), Philadelphia Bible. Career: 78-59.

Last year: 2-12, 5-15.

Savvy seven: Brandon Abner, 6-1, G; Walter Bailey, 5-10, G; Alonso Jenkins, 5-7, G; Joseph "Jo-Jo" McClain, 6-3, F; Parris Baldwin, 6-2, C; Da'Quan Ballenger, 6-2, G; Samuel Rodriguez, 6-2, C.

Kikendall's comment: "Inexperienced, hard working team. Will improve as season progresses."


Coach: John Brown, 1st year. Education: Overbrook, Strayer. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 8-6, 11-11.

Savvy seven: Devon Walker, 6-3, G; Tyleek Hines, 6-3, G; Rodney Hardrick, 5-10, G; Carlton Wright, 5-11, G; Gevon Presley, 6-5, F; Malik Wesley, 6-foot, G; Christopher Lawhorn, 6-3, F.

Brown's comment: "Small, sort of young but talented team under construction with great enthusiasm and determination."


Coach: Gary Hines, 6th year. Education: King, Johnson C. Smith (N.C.). Career: 59-41.

Last year: 6-8, 9-10.

Savvy seven: John Creighton, 6-2, F; Stacy McCrae, 6-2, F-C; Steven Randall, 6-1, G; Jamere Wilcox, 6-3, F-C; Nafee Hardy, 6-1, G; Kaseem Butts, 5-11, G; Ryan Brown, 5-11, F.

Hines' comment: "Young team in talent. Have potential to be good, veteran team by end of season."


Coach: Andre Noble, 6th year. Education: Boston Latin (Mass.), Lincoln. Career: 109-29.

Last year: 14-0, 32-1.

Savvy seven: Erik Copes, 6-8, F; David Appolon, 6-4, G; Terrell Johnson, 5-10, G; Ameen Tanksley, 6-5, G; Earl Brown, 6-5, F; Tyhiem Perrin, 6-4, F; Brandon Alston, 6-5, G.

Noble's comment: "Focus on each opponent. One game at a time."


Coach: John Gannon, 19th year (17th in PL). Education: Neumann, Penn State. Career: 161-176 (not in PL in '94; 3-3 record).

Last year: 8-7, 13-8.

Savvy seven: Tyler Hunt, 6-foot, F; Harry Taggart, 5-9, G; Terrell Skipper, 5-9, G; Nate Vahedi, 6-1, F; Jack Christmas, 5-10, F; Mike Sturdivant, 5-8, G; Malcolm Carrington, 5-10, F.

Gannon's comment: "Young and inexperienced, but we will play hard for the whole game."


Coach: Kyle Epps, 5th year (3rd in PL); Education: Scotch Plains (N.J.), Lincoln. Career: 36-34, 19-21 in PL.

Last year: 2-12, 3-14.

Savvy seven: Rasheed Spencer, 6-3, F; Jamal Gregory, 5-11, G; Darrell Ockimey, 6-0, G; Andrew Sanders, 6-2, F; Andy West, 6-6, F; Basil Mack, 6-1, F; Luis Cirilo, 6-foot, G.

Epps' comment: "Looking forward to a better season."


Coach: David Brown, 2nd year. Education: Gov. Mifflin (Pa.), East Stroudsburg. Career: 7-13.

Last year: 5-10, 7-13.

Savvy seven: Allan Dempster, 6-7, C; Devon Shorter, 5-8, G; Jerome Maynard, 6-1, G-F; Vince Markey, 5-11, G-F; Kesley Parker, 6-2, F; Erik Rivera, 5-5, G; Dan York, 6-4, C.

Brown's comment: "Looking to build on last year's progress."


Coach: Dan Brinkley, 6th year. Education: Dobbins, Lincoln. Career: 115-29.

Last year: 12-2, 21-7.

Savvy seven: Matt Hankerson, 6-4, F; Mark Wilmore, 6-5, F; Akir Frazier, 6-5, G; Laquan Stevens, 6-3, G; Chris Stokes, 6-foot, G; Byron Whiting, 5-10, G; Eric Fulton, 6-5, G.

Brinkley's comment: "We'll go as far as our press will take us. Young and aggressive."


Coach: Sam Jacobs, 4th year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1996; Overbrook, 2003-06). Education: Roosevelt (Brooklyn, N.Y.), East Stroudsburg. Career: 52-94, 10-35 at Lamberton.

Last year: 3-11, 3-13.

Savvy seven: Jean-Claude Forte, 5-9, G; Dana Taylor, 6-4, C; Kirk Wright, 6-foot, G; Nafis Jones, 6-2, F; Anthony Fagan, 5-9, G; Rakim Hawkins, 6-foot, F; Tory Yancey, 6-foot, F.

Jacobs' comment: "Looking at a rugged season after my two best players were stolen away."


Coach: Vic Otarola, 3rd year; Education: Newton (Queens, N.Y.), Hunter (N.Y.). Career: 19-16.

Last year: 7-7, 9-9.

Savvy seven:Sean Williams, 5-10, G; Jaleel Williams, 5-10, G; Rashid Jordan, 6-foot, G; Tayion Spencer, 6-2, F; Jahson Carrington, 6-4, F; James Butler, 6-4, F; Jearl Taylor, 6-2, F.

Otarola's comment: "Expect to be very competitive. Our goal is to be in the championship game." STRAWBERRY MANSION

Coach: Gerald Hendricks, 28th year. Education: Gratz, Savannah State (Ga.). Career: 397-225.

Last year: 12-2, 18-5.

Savvy seven: Devonte' "DJ" Newbill, 6-4, G-F; Khyree Wooten, 6-2, G-F; Eric Jefferson, 6-4, F; Khalil Meadows, 5-11, G; Marque Griffin, 5-10, G; Cedrick Powell, 5-11, G; Alfred Thomas, 6-4, F.

Hendricks' comment: "Very quick and athletic. Should be fun to watch."


Coach: Paul Winters, 6th year. Education: Abington, Delaware. Career: 27-63.

Last year: 11-4, 13-7.

Savvy seven: Alonzo Jackson, 6-foot, F; Mike Baldwin, 6-3, C; Abdoway Gakou, 5-8, G; Darius Dove, 6-2, F; Josh Collins, 6-2, F; Kevon Dukes, 5-10, G; Prince Dwuye, 5-5, G.

Winters' comment: "A .500 season in this tougher division would be good."


Coach: Lynn Greer Sr., 1st year; Education: Edison, Virginia State. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 14-1, 19-5.

Savvy seven: Barry Brockington, 6-3, F; Baye Goodman, 5-7, G; Sahlil Harris, 6-foot, G-F; Skylar Loudermilk, 6-4, F-C; Nadir Matthews, 5-9, G; Anthony McQueen, 5-10, G; Chris Murray, 6-1, G-F.

Greer's comment: "Eliminate lots of dribbling, play as team, rebound with consistency, play smart; hopefully close to .500."


Coach: Steven Kennedy, 2nd year (took over for final five games of '09 season). Education: Bartram, Air Force. Career: 0-5.

Last year: 5-9, 6-11.

Savvy seven: Marquis Henson, 6-foot, G-F; Farrad McLaughlin, 6-1, G; Donte Goodman, 6-foot, G; Ikeem Dickerson, 6-3, F-C; Darian Hamlin, 6-2, F; Dom Johnson, 6-foot, G-F; Duran Robinson, 6-2, F-C.

Kennedy's comment: "We'll play hard."



Coach: Michael Moore, 2nd year. Education: Dobbins, Temple (current student). Career: 2-13.

Last year: 2-13, 2-13.

Savvy seven: Amir Stringfield, 5-10, G; Darryl Curry, 5-7, G; Eugene Lett, 5-6, G; Marcus Hanton, 6-2, C; Rashon Gaymon, 6-foot, F; Samir Hill 5-7, G; Markee Ruffin, 5-10, F.

Moore's comment: "Moving into second season with enthusiasm, teamwork, and determination. Looking forward to excitement!!!"


Coach: Maurice Watson, 2nd year. Education: West Phila., Holy Family. Career: 13-10.

Last year: 10-5, 13-10.

Savvy seven: Isaiah Gans, 6-6, C; Maurice Watson Jr., 6-foot, G; Wafeeq Jamal, 5-10, G; Carlos Taylor, 6-2, F; Kwalil Coleman-Jones, 6-3, F; Yamir Greenlee, 5-9, G; Rashan Wooten-Miller, 6-foot, F.

Watson's comment: "Just trying to improve on the success of last season."


Coach: Rob Moore, 1st year. Education: Bodine, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Marcel Northcutt, 5-10, G; Erik Raleigh, 6-8, C; Xavier Harris, 6-5, F; Mamadou Diakite, 6-5, F; Abdul King, 6-2, G-F; Shaun Levine, 6-1, G; Marvin Champ, 6-foot, G.

Moore's comment: "Our goal is to win the last game we play this season!"


Coach: John Dunphy, 5th year. Education: West Catholic, Temple. Career: 2-63.

Last year: 0-15, 0-18.

Savvy seven: Matt Powers, 6-2, G; Nick Emanuel, 5-11, G; Dubbiel Sowell, 6-foot, F; Blake Melvin, 5-10, G; Mike Lauer, 6-foot, F; Kevin Gil, 5-10, F; Jony Rondon, 6-foot, F.

Dunphy's comment: "The Pegasus will be led by the guards."


Coach: Eldred "Jay" Bagley, 1st year. Education: Overbrook, Virginia State. Career: 0-0.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Harris Griffin, 6-2, F-C; Martin Valle, 5-10, G; Charlie Mills, 6-foot, G-F; Taquan Barratt, 6-foot, G; Alvin Skinner, 6-foot, G-F; Alfred Smith 6-2, G-F; Bryant Brogdon, 5-10, G.

Bagley's comment: "We'll be running through the 2009-10 season."


Coach: Don Stockton, 2nd year. Education: Dougherty, Gannon. Career: 9-7.

Last year: 9-6, 9-7.

Savvy seven: Teron Brown, 6-2, F; Harrison Johnson, 6-4, F; Aaron Yates, 5-10, G; David Rodgers, 6-5, C; Marquis Amey, 6-3, F; Ashandu Akbar, 5-5, G; Kamel Powers, 5-9, G.

Stockton's comment: "One Our Father and 10 Hail Marys."


Coach: Art Kratchman, 23rd year (20th in PL). Education: Central, Temple. Career: 115-381; 101-359 in PL.

Last year: 4-11, 4-19.

Savvy seven: Carl Guignard, 6-foot, F; Jamal Jenkins, 5-10, G; Isaiah Dessalbe, 6-1, C; William Finch, 6-foot, F; Tobias Stokes, 5-3, G; Mikhail Wilson, 6-2, C; Derrick Ford, 5-10, G.

Kratchman's comment: "Inexperienced but working hard."

Note: Kratchman currently on medical leave. Terrance "Nip" Cook handling the team in his absence.


Coach: Ron Brown, 2nd year. Education: Mastbaum, Delaware State. Career: 5-16.

Last year: 4-11, 5-16.

Savvy seven: Myles Brooker, 6-foot, G; Khalik Long, 6-foot, G-F; William Wingate, 6-1, G-F; Mark Dawson, 6-4, C; Aaron Johnson, 5-9, G-F; Aaron Johnson, 5-9, G-F; Kyron Oberlton, 6-foot, F.

Brown's comment: "Still a young team looking to improve."


Coach: Danny Jackson, 4th year. Education: MC&S, Saint Joseph's. Career: 53-30.

Last year: 15-0, 22-6.

Savvy seven: Andre Thomas, 6-6, F; Kwahmere Gredic, 5-11, G; Tyreek Riddick, 6-1, G; Thomas Moore, 5-11, G; Nigel Caldwell, 6-2, G; Muhammad Amin, 6-5, F; Alan Womack, 6-3, F.

Jackson's comment: "Return just three players [one starter]. We have a lot of work ahead of us."


Coach: Al Greene, 3rd year. Education: Milton Hershey, Pitt. Career: 17-20.

Last year: 9-6, 12-8.

Savvy seven: Isiah Clark, 6-foot, G; Josh Stevens, 6-3, G; Harold Gordon, 6-4, F-C; Shaquille Shaw, 6-5, C; Rasheed Wilkins, 6-foot, G; Bryton Hawthorne, 6-1, G; Richard Matthews, 6-2, F.

Greene's comment: "Lots of senior leadership. If we can avoid turnovers, we'll be very competitive."


Coach: Steve Gittleman, 2nd year (also Akiba Hebrew, 1983-90; Lincoln 1995-2008). Education: Olney, Southern Mississippi. Career: Unavailable; 10-8 (146-154 at Lincoln).

Last year: 8-7, 10-8.

Savvy seven: Devin Uqdah, 6-5, C; Anthony Wallace, 6-1, F; 6-2, F; Vincent Christopher, 6-1, G; Demetrius Davenport, 5-10, G; Mike Sawan, 6-1, G; Tyreek Rockmore, 6-foot, G; Maurice Harris, 6-foot, F.

Gittleman's comment: "Our team defense will determine how far we go."


Coach: Pete Canale, 2nd year. Education: Radnor, West Chester. Career: 4-11.

Last year: 4-10, 4-11.

Savvy seven: Kyle McNair, 6-4, G-F; Aaron Faust, 6-5, F-C; Koran Smith, 5-10, G; Darren White-Green, 6-4, F-C; Larry Webster, 5-7, G; Mike Stewart, 5-11, G-F; Kirk Tomlin, 5-11, G.

Canale's comment: "Great group of kids . They know how to play and they play hard."


Coach: Rob Powlen, 5th year; Education: Crefield, Philadelphia Textile. Career: 47-43.

Last year: 13-2, 18-4.

Savvy seven: Jay Harris, 5-10, G; Xavier Brown, 5-10, G; Jamair Williams, 5-10, G; Marquise Richards, 5-11, G; Marquis Pollard, 6-4, F; Andre Washington, 6-3, C; Richard Lemon, 6-3, F.

Powlen's comment: "Looking to our trio of senior guards to lead us to success."


Coach: Matt Kay, 2nd year. Education: Saul, West Chester. Career: 1-14.

Last year: 1-14, 1-14.

Savvy seven: Naadir Ginyard, 6-foot, G; Deron Joe, 5-8, G; Kenney Paul, 6-2, F; Mustafa Idriss, 6-2, F; Jordan Young, 5-8, G; Tyler Hankinson, 5-10, G; Rick Kinard, 6-2, F.

Kay's comment: "The young Rockets are ready to take many in the division by surprise."


Coach: Joe Gifford, 2nd year. Education: W. Catholic, Temple. Career: 0-16.

Last year: 0-14, 0-16.

Savvy seven: Will Petroski, 5-7, G; Dan Neisser, 6-3, C; Shawn Baldwin, 6-2, F; Alfred Beauchamp, 6-foot, G; Shahiyd Tilghman-Bullock, 5-9, G; Troy Smith, 6-1, F-C; Walter Holmes, 6-2, G-F.

Gifford's comment: "Can only get better given our experience last year in an incorrect, much tougher division."


Coach: Kenyatta McKinney, 3rd year. Education: Gratz, Temple. Career: 13-27.

Last year: 6-9, 6-14.

Savvy seven: Markeith Mont, 6-5, G; Jean-Pierre Forte, 5-10, G; Anthony Guess, 6-8, F-C; Shon Phillips, 6-2, G; Marquese Perkins, 6-3, F; Elijah Johnson, 6-5, F; Ichywond Savage, 6-3, F.

McKinney's comment: "Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard."