The Public League's overall, eight-team baseball playoffs were scheduled to begin next Wednesday . . . So much for that.

In the AAA classification, games on 4 consecutive days are still necessary to determine the survivor, and the first of those won't occur until Monday, according to Dave Connolly, the PL's baseball chairman.

Rain, rain, go away. You've already wrecked too many days!

"This is our worst year for rain," Connolly said. "I thought last year was, but . . . You can't help the weather. The coaches understand. We'll get this all done. It's just going to take time.

"With the pitching rules [on innings limits], teams will have to figure out a way to put a guy out there for three innings, then get him out so he can pitch again the next day, if needed."

The Pub, which most observers acknowledge is weaker than ever, this year has 44 teams. An outrageous 33 have advanced to postseason action - two in A, nine in AA, 10 in AAA and 12 in AAAA.

The final eight will include five from AAAA and one apiece from the others. Two Class A teams finished among the top five in the Pub's best division, but only one will advance to the overall playoffs (and to the state tourney). Girard Academic Music Program (fifth) will visit Julia Masterman (first) on Monday to determine that spot.

Even if the weather cooperates all next week, the final eight won't begin until Friday.

"Based on this year's circumstances," Connolly said, "we'll have to think hard about cutting back on the number of playoff teams for next year. Honestly, a lot of these aren't really 'playoff teams.' " *