HERSHEY, Pa. - A proposal to shorten the PIAA football season from 16 to 15 weeks was voted down Friday in a board of directors meeting.

The PIAA board had passed the proposal in the first two readings. "I was somewhat surprised, but I started to hear rumors this week that some districts were no longer on board with the idea," said Rod Stone, president of the PIAA board and District 1's chairman.

Stone said District 1 voted to "stay the course" and keep the 16-week season for the next two years.

Had the third-reading proposal been passed Friday, a district would have had to slash a round of playoffs, or, with PIAA approval, move the season up and play the opener, instead of a scrimmage, at the end of the second week of practice.

Stone said a two-thirds majority is needed to pass a third-reading proposal. Friday's voting results: 16 "yes," 10 "no," 1 abstention.