Prep Charter will not face penalties for using two girls' basketball players with falsified addresses, said Robert Coleman, the School District of Philadelphia's executive director of athletics.

Although they were academically ineligible to attend the South Philadelphia charter, Coleman said "athletically they are eligible."

Coleman is also the chairperson of PIAA District 12.

According to a report by the School District's inspector general's office, Hannah Timmons and Martianna Wilson commuted to Prep Charter from Coatesville, but the school listed them with Southwest Philadelphia addresses.

The Huskies won the last two Public League and District 12 titles. Timmons transferred before the 2011-2012 season, and Wilson transferred during the 2012-2013 season.

Coleman said his office investigated the situation in late February and cleared them of any wrongdoing based on signed transfer forms from Coatesville.

In order to attend a city charter, an out-of-city student is listed behind city applicants on a waiting list, and the tuition cost is paid for by that student's school district. By listing Philadelphia addressees, Timmons and Wilson received a higher place on the waiting list and were able to secure a spot.

The PIAA, the state's athletic governing body, said it has not been involved in the investigation nor has it received a copy of the report.

In order for the PIAA to become involved, Prep Charter would have to appeal Coleman's decision to PIAA's Mechanicsburg office.

That appeal is unlikely as Prep Charter will not face any athletic penalties.

"They won't be rescinding their trophies," Coleman said.

Ashley Logue, the first year Prep Charter head coach, said she had "no idea" the players were from Coatesville.

She said she became head coach in December after relieving former coach Paul Reiser, whom she had assisted.

Logue said she drove players home after practices before dropping Timmons and Martin off at 30th Street Station.

According to the report, the players rode SEPTA's Regional Rail home to Coatesville. Logue said she was unaware why the players went to the station.

"I don't get into their life like that. I don't ask them where they're going," Logue said.

Logue, who does not work at the school, said she plans to return next season. She was a two-time all-Catholic center at St. Hubert's before playing four years at St. Joseph's.

She said it would be unfair to the other players on her team if Prep Charter forfeited its titles.

"It shouldn't matter where you're from to win a title," said Logue. "It's not like they were scoring 50 points a game and were the only players we had. The other girls worked really hard for it. But rules are rules."