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A look back at past Phillies draft picks

It is not the most celebrated day during a team's baseball season, and it pales in comparison to the same event in the NFL and NBA.

Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard were all drafted by the Phillies. (AP file photo / Denis Poroy)
Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard were all drafted by the Phillies. (AP file photo / Denis Poroy)Read more

It is not the most celebrated day during a team's baseball season, and it pales in comparison to the same event in the NFL and NBA.

That doesn't diminish the importance of the baseball draft, which begins Monday night and runs through Wednesday.

Increased revenue from Citizens Bank Park played a big role in the Phillies' rise from the ashes in the last decade, but successful draft picks were even more important. The team's three biggest stars have been second baseman Chase Utley, shortstop Jimmy Rollins, and first baseman Ryan Howard, all acquired in the draft.

Lefthander Cole Hamels, a first-round pick in 2002, was the World Series MVP and ace of the 2008 championship team.

Draft picks also made it possible for the Phillies to acquire pitchers Joe Blanton, Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay. Without Blanton, the 2008 title run probably would not have been possible. Without Lee, a 2009 World Series was unlikely. Without Halladay, the slumping Phillies would have been more than 2½ games out of first place going into Friday's games.

Here's a look at the best, the worst, and the in-between selections by the Phillies over the last decade.

Home runs

Chase Utley, first round 2000; Ryan Howard, fifth round 2001; Cole Hamels, first round 2002; and Kyle Drabek, first round 2006.

Comment: It's obvious why Utley and Howard are on this list. Hamels makes it because regardless of what he does from this point on, he was the ace and MVP when the Phillies won the World Series. Drabek, who has yet to pitch in the big leagues, makes the list because the Phillies couldn't have acquired Halladay without him.


Michael Bourn, fourth round 2003.

Comment: Houston's speedy outfielder was the key to the deal that brought the Phillies Brad Lidge before their 2008 title run. The Bourn deal could eventually become a home run if Lidge ever regains something close to his 2008 form.


J.A. Happ, third round 2004; Lou Marson, fourth round 2004; Jason Donald, third round 2006; Travis D'Arnaud, first round 2007; Michael Taylor, fifth round 2007; and Jason Knapp, second round 2008.

Comment: Happ finished second in the NL rookie of the year voting in 2009, and he has the potential to be a part of the Phillies' rotation for a long time if he gets and remains healthy. Marson, Donald and Knapp allowed the Phillies to acquire Lee last season. As well as Lee pitched, his short-term stay cannot warrant any more than a double for the big-league prospects the Phillies used to get him. Taylor and D'Arnaud were the other players needed to land Halladay.


Taylor Buchholz, sixth round 2000; Kyle Kendrick, seventh round 2003; Josh Outman, 10th round 2005; Adrian Cardenas, first round 2006; and Matt Spencer, third round 2007.

Comment. Buchholz, a native of Springfield, Delaware County, was the key part of the deal that brought the Phillies Billy Wagner in 2003. It remains to be seen what Kendrick will become, but he does have a 27-16 record in parts of four big-league seasons. Outman, Cardenas and Spencer were the three players the Phillies gave up for Blanton.

On the rise

Scott Mathieson, 17th round 2002; Domonic Brown, 20th round 2006; Anthony Gose, second round 2008; Cody Overbeck, ninth round 2008; Jared Cosart, 38th round 2008; and Jonathan Singleton, eight round 2009.

Comment: Mathieson, after two Tommy John surgeries, is dominating at triple-A Lehigh Valley. Brown is the best prospect in the system. Gose, despite some serious contact issues, has the tools to make it in the majors. Cosart became the Phillies' best pitching prospect after Drabek was traded to Toronto. Singleton continues to sizzle at single-A Lakewood.

Down in the count

D'Arby Myers, fourth round 2006; Quintin Berry, fifth round 2006; Joe Savery, first round 2007; Travis Mattair, second round 2007; Anthony Hewitt, first round 2008; and Zach Collier, supplemental first round 2008.

Myers has not shown much since playing in the Gulf Coast League in his first pro season. Berry is hitting .187 at double-A Reading, but thanks to his speed still has a chance to be at least an extra outfielder in the big leagues. Savery has not lived up to his first-round status, and Mattair has been a disappointing second-round pick. Hewitt continues to have contact problems at single-A Lakewood, and Collier hasn't played this season because of a quad injury.


Gavin Floyd, first round 2001; Keith Bucktrot, third round 2000; Danny Gonzalez, fourth round 2000; Terry Jones, fourth round 2001; Zack Segovia, second round 2002; Kiel Fisher, third round 2002; Jake Blalock, fifth round 2002; Timothy Moss, third round 2003; Brad Ziegler, 20th round 2003; Greg Golson, first round 2004; Jason Jaramillo, second round 2004; Michael Costanzo, second round 2005; Matt Maloney, third round 2005; and Brandon Workman, third round 2007.

Comment: The Phillies got Freddy Garcia and one victory in return for Floyd. The Phillies couldn't sign Workman, who will go in the first round Monday. The rest of the guys on the list either didn't make it to the big leagues or brought nothing of value when they were traded.