Police in Mt. Vernon, Wash., recovered Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick's 2008 World Series ring Wednesday after burglars broke into his home there and stole it, along with other memorabilia and personal property.

6ABC reported Wednesday night that the ring was found in a Mentos container in the bottom of a swamp.

In late March or early April, burglars broke into Kendrick's unoccupied home, about an hour north of Seattle. The house was unoccupied and was up for sale at the time, Mt. Vernon Police Lt. Chris Cammock said.

Officials began investigating the burglary April 1, and Cammock said officials arrested the first suspect in connection with the burglary on April 12 in Everett, about 40 minutes south of Kendrick's hometown.

In that arrest, police recovered Kendrick's 2009 National League Championship ring, Cammock said.

Police have been serving search warrants since the initial arrest, and Cammock said six suspects have been arrested in connection with the burglary.

He said of the six suspects, it isn't clear yet who actually stole the goods from the home and who received the stolen property afterward.

In addition to finding the World Series ring, Cammock said police found some of Kendrick's old baseball gloves, along with autographed baseballs and jerseys.

Cammock said the six suspects are also being investigated in connection with burglaries, car thefts and drug offenses spanning three counties in the state.