Maybe Girardi wants to bring back caning

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he thinks the four fans, including a streaker, who ran onto Safeco Field in the bottom of the eighth inning Saturday night should be severely punished. We're not kidding, he really wants that:

"The penalties have to be severe. It just shouldn't happen," Girardi told reporters Sunday.

He may get his wish. The streaker - who was totally naked except for a blue-and-white cap - and the other three fans were tackled and removed by security, and presumably handed over to the Seattle Police Department.

Girardi said he didn't like the disruption of the action that took place. To be honest, there was very little action at the time, as his team was well on its way to a second straight loss to the Mariners.

Guillen goes on a rant - what else is new?

Low&Outside favorite Ozzie Guillen has been at it again. The White Sox skipper, who was still steamed about Saturday night's 14-inning defeat to the Blue Jays, lashed out at Chicago fans and barked that he doesn't want anyone to question his passion for winning. He went on a profane tirade after the game, and followed it up with another outburst Sunday in which he defended himself and his coaching staff against those calling for their jobs.

"The only reward we . . . have in this stupid . . . career is winning," Guillen said Sunday. "When you're not winning, you're miserable. That's my life, that's my job, that's my passion for the job."

Then he pointed out the following: "Nobody has more passion for the game than me. Nobody."

He also decried Chicago fans' short memories, saying that "when they're drunk," they urinate on the display outside U.S. Cellular Field that honors the 2005 World Series champions.

Unfortunately for Guillen, the series finale against the Blue Jays did not go well for the White Sox, no matter how passionate they may have been. They lost, 13-4.