Fox 29 meteorologist John Bolaris became friendly with then-Phillies star Lenny Dykstra during the magical 1993 season. Bolaris, then with NBC 10, was doing a remote at Veterans Stadium and asked Dysktra to join him. Bolaris later did a piece on the Dykstra family and the design of their home in Devon.

The Daily News' Dan Gross talked to Bolaris about Dykstra issues:

"With Lenny, No. 1, I hate to see what has happened to him. I know he's really proud of his son Cutter [a minor league infielder in the Washington Nationals system] and people don't see that side of him. Lenny has demons. He needs to address those and take care of those.

"As he would say to me, I wish I had that chip you have, the discipline chip. His brain doesn't let him analyze things, he goes full on through the wall. That's his chip. That's the way he rolls. The same chip that made him successful in baseball doesn't always apply in the business world.

"I just hope that Lenny can get himself together and get himself out of this mess. I don't know all the particulars. I hate to see a guy go down like this. It's a tragedy really. The guy was hugely successful and he's struggling to stay afloat.

"He'll fight to the very end. That's the way he is. He will never go down without fighting. But this might be a battle that is too big for Lenny."

"Players magazine is what started the whole spiraling. He lost millions on that magazine. I don't think he tried to do anything wrong in his eyes by selling his stuff, his memorabilia, but that's not the way it works . . .

"I love the guy. I hope he pulls out of it."