Dee Gordon, son of former Phillies pitcher Tom "Flash" Gordon, made his major-league debut Monday night as a pinch-runner in the ninth inning and scored the Los Angeles Dodgers' only run in a 3-1 loss to the Phillies. Watching the son sprint from first to third on a single, you realized that the 23-year-old probably should have the same nickname as his father.

Flash Gordon flew in from Orlando in time to see his son's debut and acknowledged that it was an emotional moment that made him proud. On Tuesday night, he got to see his son start at shortstop and lead off for the Dodgers while also getting reacquainted with his former Phillies teammates.

"I didn't get here until right around 7 o'clock," Gordon said. "I wasn't sure my flight was going to make it, but thank God I made it here, and I got a chance to see him play. You can't describe it because it's such a wonderful feeling. I hope he gains the respect of his peers."

Dee Gordon immediately grabbed the respect of Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, who used to watch him as a teenager running around at Citizens Bank Park.

"He came quick [to the big leagues]," Manuel said. "He came very quick. I want him. I want to trade for him."

During batting practice, Manuel told Flash Gordon to grab a bat.

"I need a righthanded hitter, Flash; go get your helmet," Manuel said to Gordon.

"I can't give you any more innings, but I can give you some swings," said Gordon, who was with the Phils from 2006 through 2008.

Gordon earned his only World Series ring with the Phillies in 2008. Though he wasn't part of that postseason roster, he still proudly wears his ring.

"I even wear it to bed sometimes," Gordon said. "I fought too long for this."

- Bob Brookover