Remember Yuniesky Betancourt? He's the guy who hit .447 with three doubles, a homer and 14 RBIs for the Phillies in spring training, but was considered surplus to bench needs and allowed to leave when it became clear his future was in an IronPigs uniform rather than red pinstripes.

GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said it was a tough decision, but the team was "comfortable with where we are."

Yeah, that Yuniesky Betancourt.

He signed with the Brewers - which didn't portend well, since the fans in Milwaukee kind of booed him out of town when he played there in 2011. But things turned out all right.

The 31-year-old Cuban defector is one of the early surprises of the season, not as a bench player, but as an infield starter at first and third. Through Tuesday, Betancourt was hitting a comfortable .284 with eight luxurious homers and 24 cozy RBIs.

Kudos to Kemp. It's nice (and, unfortunately necessary) to be reminded every now and then that ballplayers, like most of us, are essentially good people.

The deliciously named blog Vin Scully is My Homeboy has posted a video showing Los Angeles slugger Matt Kemp's kindness to a disabled Dodgers fan in San Francisco's AT&T Park on Sunday, and it has gone justifiably viral. After his team's 4-3 loss to the Giants, Kemp greeted the fan and signed a baseball. But he didn't stop there. Kemp also gave the fan his cap, cleats and the shirt off his back. What makes it even better is the Giants fans nearby shouting appreciation.

And the world is a bit brighter place.

Nobody saw it. The Tampa Bay Rays scored seven in the third on Monday, and still managed to lose, 8-7, to the Toronto Blue Jays. But there were only 9,913 watching in cavernous Tropicana Field. (The Lehigh Valley IronPigs drew 7,152 for their 4-1 win over the Louisville Bats on the same night, and their stadium is outdoors.)