IF THE LATE Harry Kalas was still around, he might've said: "That bat is outta here."

That's right: Bat!

Mickey Mantle's family succeeded in stopping an auction house from trying to sell a corked bat allegedly used by the Mick.

The Mantle family went ballistic when Grey Flannel Auctions claimed the doctored bat was used by Mantle. The family even brought in a heavy-hitter to represent them - the law firm of Bracewell and Giuliani. That's Giuliani as in Rudy, the former mayor of New York, who is a huge Yankees fan.

Yesterday, Jonathan Halpern, a partner in the law firm issued a statement:

"The online marketer informed us that it had withdrawn the bat from sale and also had removed the bat [and related photos and statements from its website]."

The Mantle family then issued a statement of its own through Mantle I.P. Holdings, Ltd.

"The statements and suggestions that Dad used a corked bat more than 49 years ago to cheat at the game he worshipped are false," the statement said. "Let us be clear: Dad didn't need and never used a corked bat. Mickey Mantle was honest about the way he played the game that he loved and to which he devoted his professional life . . . Our Dad's legacy must be protected and the injury to his reputation must be corrected - he does not deserve to be the subject of these outrageous fabrications."

McCoy: Vick cheated

Now we know how 32-year-old Eagles quarterback Michael Vick beat 24-year-old running back LeSean McCoy in the 40-yard dash earlier this month.

He cheated.

"In a 40-yard race, the smallest jump matters," McCoy said yesterday, tongue planted firmly in cheek. "First of all, he started down in a sprinter's stance. I was standing up. That was probably my first mistake. I should have never did that. But he won't race me again. I told him that. We can line up anywhere, he won't do it. He's smart."