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Mr. October to sell letter-perfect sign

Former slugger Reggie Jackson is auctioning the “Yankee Stadium” letters from the old ballpark.

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IT MAY GO down as the biggest impulse buy in history.

Back in 2008, the Yankees began selling off items from their old stadium in the Bronx.

Not surprisingly, former slugger Reggie Jackson, aka Mr. October, wanted a couple of mementos.

"There were a few items I wanted to purchase before [it] was torn down, including my old locker and a section of the black bleachers off of centerfield," Jackson told the Associated Press.

But why stop there?

"I kept thinking about the stadium lettering, and if there was any way for me to own it." Jackson said. "I ended up making an offer and was thrilled when it was accepted. It's been a privilege to own such a recognizable piece of baseball history."

When Jackson says "lettering" he's not talking about a keepsake for his man cave. These are the 10-foot high letters that spelled out the iconic words YANKEE STADIUM at the top of the ballpark.

Apparently the thrill is gone.

Jackson is auctioning the letters, which are made of plastic and light up in Yankee blue, through Sotheby's on April 1.

They are expected to bring between $300,000 to $600,000.

If they go on the high side, Jackson would get more for the letters than he did in any single season with the Yanks.

Happy ending

Jenn Sterger, who has been a sideline reporter for the Jets, a writer for Sports Illustrated, and a Florida State Cowgirl, is now a NASCAR expert.

She recently posted a photo of Kevin Harvick popping the cork after winning in Las Vegas, along with the following tweet:

"Guys . . . This is prettttty much what an orgasm feels like."

Gives new meaning to "Gentlemen start your engines."

Remembering Andre

Former Eagles safety Andre Waters, who committed suicide on Nov. 20, 2006, would have turned 53 today.