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Cliff Lee arrives

Cliff Lee was back in town last night and eager to get his contract with the Phillies finalized.

Lee could have gotten more money from the Yankees or the Rangers, but instead opted to return.

"The team, the atmosphere, the environment, the fans, the city, there's a lot of things," Lee told NBC10 at the Philadelphia International Airport. "My family enjoyed it here. ... There's a lot of pros and not many cons when you start weighing things out."

Asked about whether the Phillies could have the best rotation in baseball, Lee said the proof will be on the field.

"Potentially, it could be," he said. "It's a little premature to say that. You've got let things happen. Health is a huge part of that and guys continuing to do what has become the norm. If we do that, it's arguable. You have to go out there and do it first. Time will tell on that."

Lee was stunned to be dealt before last season and became an object of obsession for Phillies fans.

"You've got to move on and you've got to adapt to what happens," Lee said, when asked if he ever got over leaving. "I enjoyed my time in Seattle, I enjoyed my time in Texas ... I'm glad I got a chance to go back to the World Series. I had a great time in Texas and got to play close to home. It was a lot of fun there. Now I'm back here and I'm looking forward to it."