Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon returned to Fenway Park this weekend for the first time since leaving the Red Sox.

A Boston reporter - primed to feast on a sound byte - asked Papelbon Monday if he would ever consider a return to Boston, even after all that's happened and the fact that he includes the Red Sox on his "no trade" list.

"Yeah, I could see myself in Boston. I could see myself pitching in New York. You know me. I've always been the kind of guy who … I don't really just settle, or accept things. Whatever happens in my future is going to happen. I'm not blind to that fact."

In his final performance with the team, Papelbon allowed a bottom of the ninth inning comeback win to the Baltimore Orioles, a loss that, moments later, cost Boston a spot in the 2011 playoffs.

This came after spending the entirety of his seven-year career in Beantown, becoming a fan favorite for his shutdown talent, bizarre personality, brazen statements, and post-World Series victory jigs.

Seeing the Red Sox perform far better than expected in 2013, after jumping ship to join the Philles (a ship that was sinking at a slightly slower rate until recently), may have loosened up Paps' heart strings.

Or he may feel an impending fire sale as the Phillies slip further and further from relevance.