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Phillies as Arrested Development characters

Arrested Development is a series about a hopelessly corrupt, bumbling family told through humorous subtleties, puns, and inside jokes. The Phillies are a baseball team.

Naturally, the similarities are endless, and our friend ZWR stitched the two things together. Head over to Zoo with Roy for the whole list.

Kyle Kendrick is George Michael

Both are incredibly naive, with woefully unsteady levels of competency. They tend to sulk when things are going their way, and I could also totally see Kyle secretly wanting (okay look I may be taking some creative license here, bear with me) to boink his cousin. But I mean, who hasn't.

Chase Utley is Michael Bluth

Both are clearly the most stable and reliable members of their team, and we often view the rest of the dysfunctional proceedings from their point of view. Like Michael Bluth, Utley is a team-player despite generally existing on an entirely separate plane from the rest of the family. With that said, he has his flaws.

Darin Ruf is Ann Veal


Hear me out. Plant seems like a really nice kid, and has good power. Much like Bland, Yam is somewhat … plain. Maybe he's funny.

Michael Martinez is Gene Parmesan

For years now he's been popping up consistently, each time in a new disguise: starting outfielder, defensive replacement, top-of-the-order bat, pinch hitter, pinch runner. The only thing is he never actually accomplishes anything.