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Fake Dom Brown-Yoenis Cespedes trade has some sense to it

What if this had been the deal announced yesterday, instead of the thrilling acquisition of Brad Lincoln and Wil Nieves?

Last night, amid the confusion of all players switching teams, a fake Twitter account saw its chance to strike.

After lying low, reporting truthful moves, and biding his time, the not-Chris Cotillo account leapt, announcing a Domonic Brown-for-Yoenis Cespedes trade that rocked the internet for 7-9 solid seconds. Then everybody noticed the Cotillo account had way less followers than usual and was also suspended. But what a 7-9 seconds it was!

Still, though, it makes you wonder. What if this had been the deal announced yesterday, instead of the thrilling acquisition of Brad Lincoln and Wil Nieves?

Brown, 26, having an "up" year, finished with a .272 BA and .818 OPS, tied for fourth in the NL in home runs (27) and sixth in ABs per home runes (18.4). He is not considered an elite or consistent defender, though his arm is strong, his tracking and diving are often things they make one change the channel.

Cespedes, 28, having a "down" year, finished with a .240 BA and .737 OPS, led the league in nothing, after 2012, when he was the runner-up in Rookie of the Year voting and finished 10th in the AL MVP sweepstakes.

The Phillies outfield could potentially be set, meaning that they have three outfielders on the roster to fill the positions. But Cespedes would be a true lead off hitter (ding!), add speed in the outfield (ding!), and provide power from the right side (DING DING DING!!) His appropriateness for the Phillies is palpable, almost as if they should have signed him when he was first made available.

The Athletics are dealing with their own offseason issues, but Cespedes isn't one of them, being signed through 2015. Coco Crisp filled out center, Josh Reddick and Chris Young held down right, and Cespedes inhabited right. Brown would give them power, though the A's aren't lacking in runs, and the Coliseum isn't known for its accomodation of upper deck-touchers.

HOWEVER, Brown is young, and costs little. Cespedes is making $21 million through 2015, while Brown will ride the league minimum, and be under arbitration for three yeas before becoming a free agent in 2018. According to this, Brown makes up only 0.3% of the team's payroll and 13.89% of their on field performance, and "is a total stud." It's like he already plays for Oakland.

The A's don't throw a lot of money around, and in the right situation, the trade could be beneficial for both sides. Unfortunately, that situation was reported and suspended last night.