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Yankees have reportedly called Phillies about Cole Hamels

A team being interested in Phillies starter Cole Hamels is nothing new; nor is the idea of that team being unwilling to move the prospects the Phillies would want in return for their ace. This process appears to have repeated itself with a new team, according to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Several teams have been linked to Hamels so far this season; the Astros' acquitision of Scott Kazmir from the A's would seem to have removed them from the pack. Hamels' start today at Wrigley Field is presumed to be a final audition of sorts in front of the Cubs, while the Red Sox, despite shaking off the Phillies in the past, still seem to be in the mix. The Rangers, seeking pitchers who can be signed more than half-season rentals, also appear to be a fit.

The 31-year-old lefty has well-documented appeal on the market, as he would not serve as a rental for the remainder of the season with a team-friendly multi-year contract (unlike other available aces such as the Reds Johnny Cueto).

But New York is a newer team to see enter the sweepstakes in some capacity. Yankees GM Brian Cashman says that his team's interest in Hamels is coming from a desire to simply do his homework on all potential assets, as is the case with most check-ins this time of year.

The Yankees prospect Rosenthal says the Phillies desire most, 23-year-old outfielder Aaron Judge - a giant at 6' 7" and 275 lbs. - would be a hefty price. Judge is considered a top New York prospect, currently hitting .275/.358/.388 with 2 home runs in 21 games since his recent promotion from double A Trenton to triple A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Understandably, the Yankees are reluctant to let Judge go, but as it has been said during these tumultuous days leading up to the MLB trade deadline, the Phillies can be patient as they wait for a Hamels return they actually want, rather than rushing into anything.