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Chase Utley will not start tonight for the Dodgers

The former Phillie could well pinch-hit in Tuesday night's game at Citizens Bank Park.

The Dodgers' Chase Utley joking with a reporter during a press conference Monday.
The Dodgers' Chase Utley joking with a reporter during a press conference Monday.Read moreSTEVEN M. FALK / Staff Photographer

Chase Utley's Philadelphia farewell continues Tuesday night, but he will not be in the starting lineup for the Dodgers in the second game of the series at Citizens Bank Park.

Utley started Monday night for just the second time in 12 games. The Dodgers have used him mostly in a reserve role as a pinch hitter, but Monday night's situation — his first game in Philly since he announced he will retire after the season — called for him to be in the starting lineup. The fans in South Philly urged him to leave the dugout for a curtain call before the game even began. They gave him a 50-second standing ovation before his first at-bat and then gave him a standing ovation when he flied out to the warning track.

Utley will likely get at an-bat Tuesday off the bench. Utley, who will turn 40 in December, is 12 for 27 as a pinch-hitter with four extra-base hits. He's taken to his new role. And there's a chance he could play a big role in Tuesday's game.

"It obviously makes me feel good that they've been so supportive of me over the years," Utley said of Phillies fans before Monday's game. "It's a blue-collar city. It's a city that respects guys that play hard, guys that want to win. I feel like I did that when I was here. I still do that. I think the success that we had, the team that we had, really helped that. It wasn't just me over those years. It was a number of guys. And we fed off the energy here in this park. It's something that I'll never forget — it gives me chills just thinking about it."