Gabe Kapler's home near the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, Calif., was destroyed by fire as wildfires continue to spread throughout parts of California.

Kapler, 43, moved year-round to Philadelphia last year after being hired to be Phillies manager, but he still owns a residence in Malibu, which is west of Los Angeles. The fire began 25 miles away in the Woolsey Canyon before quickly moving toward the ocean. Kapler, who was raised in nearby Reseda, Calif., and his two sons are both safe. Kapler's younger son, Dane, is a student at Malibu High, which is closed because of the fire.

"Malibu is heaven for me," Kapler told the Malibu Times in 2015. "It gets better the farther north of Los Angeles. When we first moved to Malibu, I saw nothing but stars and heard waves crashing. I love where I live. The breathtaking scenery and landscape is incredible. My sanctuary is Malibu. It's where I want to spend my living days."