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Mic catches Phillies GM Matt Klentak ripping Howard Eskin

Klentak didn't appreciate a question about moves the Phillies might make before the trade deadline.

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Matt Klentak needs to work on his poker face.

The Phillies general manager, answering questions before Saturday's game against the Milwaukee Brewers, couldn't hide his disgust at a question asked by SportsRadio 94.1 host Howard Eskin and was caught calling it "ridiculous" under his breath.

"You've got at least three players that obviously won't be here next year that you would like to trade. That's no secret," Eskin said. "How much pressure is there to make sure that that happens, and that maybe you won't get what you want?"

Klentak offered a generic-sounding answer, explaining that there are certain times of the year that trade talks are more active and that the team will look at potential deals "with an open mind."

"I don't feel pressure to make a move just for the sake of making a move," Klentak explained. "But we're certainly looking for an opportunity to make good decisions for the Phillies."

One of the more active time frames, Klentak noted, was during the league's winter meetings, which took place in December. Eskin appeared to take his response more literally than Klentak intended, noting that Pat Neshek, Howie Kendrick and Jeremy Hellickson (who he referred to as "Hendrickson") likely will no longer be on the team by then.

"So the winter meetings won't do you any good for those players, right?" Eskin asked.

"That's not what I mean at all," Klentak shot back. "I just think there are certain times of years where there is a spike of activity."

After the exchange, Klentak turns to answer another reporter's question, but a microphone picks him up mocking Eskin under his breath and rolling his eyes, saying, "That's a ridiculous question."


Eskin responded to Klentak's remark on Twitter, claiming the Phillies general manager was trying to avoid his question.

It's not the first time Klentak has prodded Eskin. Earlier this year, Klentak mocked the WIP host for his continued questions about the Phillies' poor record to start the season, a response that led to laughter from assembled reporters.

"You guys like that one?" a laughing Klentak asked reporters. "That's good."