Thumbs Down

* To Bengals coach Marvin Lewis,

for his unreasonable reaction to a reasonable question this week by Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Dustin Dow. Dow asked Lewis whether a strong finish by the 2-11-1 Bengals, who upset the Redskins last week, would show how much improvement the club had made or mask improvement that still needed to be made. Responded Lewis: "I don't think it covers anything up that we feel interiorly, and that's the only thing that matters . . . I think your question is disrespectful for what we're doing. I really do. I really don't like the angles you take in here each and every week." And you people think Andy Reid is arrogant.

* To for its

absurd report that there is a "strong rumor" - as opposed to a weak one, I guess - that Dick Vermeil might replace Carl Peterson as the Chiefs' president. If the guy who runs that Web site had been covering football for more than 5 minutes, he'd know that Vermeil and Peterson have been close friends for nearly 40 years, and that even if Vermeil were interested in getting back into football, which he's not, there's no way he would step over the body of his friend and take his job.

Panther Draft Pick Watch

Record: 11-3

Last week: beat Broncos, 30-10

This week: at 11-3 Giants

Next week: at 7-7 Saints

Current draft position:

Nos. 29-31

Current position of Eagles' own pick: No. 19

- Paul Domowitch