Eagles career: Reichenbach played five seasons as an Eagles linebacker (1984-89) before finishing out his career with Miami (1990-91). The undrafted bruiser out of Division II East Stroudsburg was also used in the backfield during the 1989 season - his only carry was a 30-yard gain.

Where is he now: Reichenbach, who lives in Bucks County, is a man of many tasks and talents. A father of three, he is also the head football coach at Calvary Christian School in Philadelphia, where his oldest son, Mike Jr., is the quarterback. In addition, Reichenbach is an account manager for National Label, a company that prints pharmaceutical labels. However, Reichenbach's greatest pastime is being involved with Christian youth ministries.

Eagles memory: Besides the camaraderie among the players, Reichenbach noted that his time with the Eagles helped to bring discipline into his life - a life he says was spiraling out of control due to living a "rock-star" lifestyle. In addition, Reichenbach claims that few fans are as "knowledgeable and maniacal as Eagles fans were and still are."

"You know, I really don't remember the wins and losses as much as I remember the discipline playing in Philadelphia taught me, " Reichenbach said. "You know, I felt blessed already in the sense that a kid like me out of East Stroudsburg was able to have the chance to play pro, but having the chance to play with some of the guys I played with and for those fans especially is something I'll never forget."

Perspective on the game today: While football is and always wil be a great sport to him, Reichenbach feels the almighty dollar has come first for today's players- less about the team and more about what players can do to make the most money possible. Also, the despite the fact that today's players are bigger, faster and stronger, he dosn't necessarily think it means they are the most confident.

"This sport is ever-evolving," he said. "Whenever you use money to make more money, things are always going to drastically change. Money has become the downfall and the reason for a lot of the problems in the game today and while we had a lot of stuff go down in my time, I feel it's certainly heightened today. But it's still a great game, one that you can learn a lot of life lessons from.