THE EAGLES really do have to lose sometime, but after the way they won last week, I'm changing my tune. I'm not going to try to outsmart myself. This will be a tough game, but for a pretty good Eagles team that is getting healthier, it certainly is winnable.

The Giants have won two of three since their bye week interrupted a four-game losing streak. But one of those wins was in overtime, against Atlanta. I think they have a long way to go to reclaim their early season promise. It should be noted that all their losses are to pretty good teams - that Arizona defeat looks better and better as the Cards more and more resemble last year's Super Bowl team - but the last time the Giants held anybody under 21 points, it was Week 5.

Bad weather could make this a low-scoring contest; I don't think the Giants' defense will, without some help. The Eagles' offensive line is coming together, Donovan McNabb seems to be feeling good, and a win really sets the Birds up nicely for the postseason.


Eagles 24, Giants 23.

- Les Bowen