THIS IS IT. We're going all in. Well, almost all in. Buy that HDTV you've wanted or a box of chocolates. First, a look back at last week and help from the deli guy at the Ardmore Market. He said the Jets would rip Tampa Bay and he was right. He said the Ravens would stomp Detroit and he was right. He debated between Washington and Jacksonville and went with the Jags because "Miami was due for a letdown." Oops.

* Risk $220 on Packers plus 1/2, Vikings minus 9 1/2, Chargers minus 6 1/2.

* And then $110 on a 7-team teaser: San Diego minus 1 1/2, Green Bay plus 6 1/2, Minnesota minus 3 1/2; Giants plus 2 1/2, New England minus 1 1/2, Tennessee plus 2 1/2, Eagles minus 4 1/2.

No parlays next week, win or lose.

Last week: Lost $70.

Bankroll: $342.