The next time the 76ers play at the Wachovia Center, their season will be 33 games old.

Yesterday, the Sixers flew to Utah. Tonight against the Jazz they will begin a trip that spans four states, covers 10 days, and includes five games.

The Sixers are 7-21. The Jazz are 16-13.

The Sixers should be rested. They have played only one game - a loss at the Washington Wizards - in the last six days. On Wednesday night, the Jazz lost to the Miami Heat, 80-70. Earlier this season at the Wachovia Center, the Jazz, then without starting point guard Deron Williams, defeated the Sixers, 112-90.

After tonight's game against the Jazz, the Sixers play at the Portland Trail Blazers, whose roster boasts the Sixers' starting point guard from last season, Andre Miller. On Wednesday, the Sixers play at the Sacramento Kings and on Thursday, they are at the Los Angeles Clippers. The trip concludes Jan. 3 against the Denver Nuggets.

Still no A.I. Sixers point guard Allen Iverson, suffering from left-knee arthritis, made the trip West and is expected to return to game action Monday against the Trail Blazers. Iverson hasn't played since Dec. 16 against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The other A.I. In the last two games, both losses, Sixers swingman Andre Iguodala has been a few rebounds and assists away from a triple-double: He has averaged 15.0 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 7.0 assists a game.