READERS SHARE THEIR memories of longtime Sixers beat writer Phil Jasner:

Ken Landis, Cherry Hill, N.J.: Great sports writers have a way of reporting the game that makes you feel as though you saw [the event] first hand. Phil Jasner reported the game to us for years in a way that not only made us feel as though we saw the action, but also were in the building. I'm going to miss one of my favorite writers and one of the city's good guys.

Eilex826: Many years back when I was a grade-schooler and a writer on our school paper, my teacher suggested I write to a real newspaper reporter to question him/her about what it was like. So I did. I wrote Mr. Jasner a letter and about 2 weeks later I received a response in the mail - with an apology for taking so long because he was on a road trip with the 76ers. He wrote a great letter full of information, cheer and praise. A little more than 10 years later I have not gone into journalism but I still have his letter tucked away in a box in the closet.

Bob1: People like Phil Jasner are core legacies of this great city. They are literally born out of the life blood of our neighborhoods, like his Overbrook, and forever bear those cherished characteristics of honor, hard work, honesty and respect for others, that they learned during their youth. These condolences come from a Northeast Philadelphia [resident] who understands Mr. Jasner's roots. And although the branch has withered, we see those roots producing another legacy with his son [Andy].

SaganRand: I still have a printed copy of an e-mail response from Phil from several years ago. I had spent the first 40 years of my life in Philly and was transferred due to work. I wrote Phil commenting on how nice it was to still feel that I was in touch with the Philly scene by reading his articles online, I also put in some silly comment about Sarcone's hoagies and my favorite cheesesteaks. Not only did Phil take the time to respond, he even shared his passion for Sarcone's. Here's a Hall-of-Fame writer taking time out of his day to respond to my e-mail and not just brushing it off, but sharing human comments about common interests we have.

Cjkfive: Every time, and I really mean every time, I sent Phil an e-mail he always responded with knowledge and kindness.