MIAMI - Shaquille O'Neal won his last championship with Dwyane Wade. He tried to help LeBron James win his first ring in Cleveland.

Seems like the Big Fella is still rooting for his former teammates.

Hours after Wade and James took a break from preparing for Game 2 of the NBA Finals yesterday to speak of their fond memories of playing with O'Neal in Miami and Cleveland, the retiring future Hall of Fame center posted a video on Twitter thanking them for their kind words - and telling them to beat the Dallas Mavericks in the title series.

"LeBron, D-Wade, I saw the comments you guys said about me," O'Neal said in the short clip, one of several he's made since using Twitter to announce his retirement plans on Wednesday. "Appreciate it very much. It was an honor playing with you two guys. You guys made me better. You guys are legends, future Hall of Famers. Go get that ring, baby. Love you guys. Peace."

O'Neal and Wade spent parts of four seasons together in Miami. O'Neal was with James in Cleveland for the 2009-10 season. He will formally announce his retirement today at his home near Orlando, Fla.

"As a teammate, as I've always been, I was just always appreciative of the opportunity to play with one of the greats to ever put on an NBA jersey," Wade said yesterday.