SIXERS: Jrue Holiday: The point guard has been able to get the most quality shots for the Sixers, but hasn't been able to knock them down at a very good rate. Not only will he need to shoot well, he will need to do it early.

BULLS: Taj Gibson: If he is able to play, and he insists he will despite rolling his ankle in Game 5, he is the difference between the two teams. If he is hindered at all it is a huge advantage for the Sixers.


1. Shooting: The Sixers' inability to hit outside shots lends to them wanting to take the ball to the basket, which is all well and good if there are openings. When they do take the ball to the hole, they have to be successful, either getting to the foul line or converting baskets.

2. Deng doing it: Luol Deng found his outside shooting groove in Game 5, hitting some key shots late in the shot clock. When he struggles from the outside, it allows the Sixers to concentrate even more on their interior defense.

3. No offense: With Thaddeus Young virtually invisible offensively this series, a bench player needs to pick up some scoring. That falls to Lou Williams who, like almost everyone else, has struggled shooting this series.