BROOKLYN - Thaddeus Young has never seen a Disney On Ice show, and under these circumstances, he's not likely to, at least not at the Wells Fargo Center while he is a Sixer.

Young is in his sixth season, and each time around Christmas he packs his suitcase for an extended road trip as the Wells Fargo Center becomes the exclusive domain of Disney On Ice.

This time the Wells Fargo Center is booked for the Disney On Ice "Rockin' Ever After" from Dec. 27 through Jan. 6.

As a result, the Sixers will play eight road games, starting with the 95-92 loss in Brooklyn on Sunday and finishing on Jan. 5 in San Antonio. They don't play again in South Philadelphia until Brooklyn comes to town on Jan. 8.

"At this point, I don't think I want to see Disney On Ice," Young said. "I know it's a business as far as the Wells Fargo Center. We share the arena and there are going to be main attractions that come all of the time.

"We know that we play certain games on certain days for certain reasons."

Sixers coach Doug Collins doesn't remember the reason, but the Sixers went on a seven-game road trip around Christmas during his rookie season in 1973.

"I don't remember, tenant-wise, where we fit into the mix [at the Spectrum]," Collins said. "I do know our situation - know that the Flyers always get the No. 1 dates and then you throw in the winter events with the Disney On Ice, and this happens.

"The thing I don't like about our schedule is that it is so imbalanced - way too many home games in a stretch of time, way too many road in another stretch.

"The reason I don't like it is because if you lose a key player when you are at home and you lose four or five home games, that's tough to make up. You get yourself in a spin and when you get into that spin it is hard to get out."

The Sixers play at Memphis and Golden State, which are both in the top five in the Western Conference; then they are at Portland, the Lakers and Phoenix before finishing at Oklahoma City and San Antonio.