PORTLAND - Shortly after a substandard performance in the 76ers' 89-85 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers Saturday night, forward Evan Turner was clearly bothered by his invisible performance.

Averaging just slightly more than 13 shots per game, Turner, guarded for most of the game by Portland's Nicolas Batum, had just gone 2 for 7 from the floor, including 0 for 2 from behind the three-point line, for just four points.

It marked the second time in three games that Turner had attempted single-digit shots. But unlike the last time it happened - Turner scored a season-low one point, was 0 for 4 from the field but handed out nine assists in the Sixers' Dec. 26 win at Memphis - there was no win to show for it.

He made it clear that there was nothing that Portland had done defensively that caused him to struggle. In fact, Turner said who he faces has nothing to do with how he plays at the offensive end.

"I don't worry about defenders, I can get my shot off anytime I want, and I can score on anybody," Turner said. "I have to find opportunities to get going, and that's it. It doesn't matter about defenders. I'm too old to be worried about defenders."

The Sixers (14-17) did not practice on Sunday. They will resume their playing schedule on New Year's Day against the Los Angeles Lakers.

"I'm trying to figure it out, to tell you the truth," Turner said of not being involved in the offense lately. "I may have to run in transition a little more. One thing I have to do is get back to rebounding and trying to push it from there. The key thing right now is to try and let the game come to me. I have to try to figure it out."

Averaging 14.3 points per game this season, Turner has taken just 21 shots (7 for 21) in the team's last three games. This season, Turner has had single-digit shot attempts just nine times, and six came in the first eight games, when the Sixers were in the process of getting acclimated to all of their new players.

Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday scored 29 points while making 13 of 23 shots against Portland. Holiday said he has to do a better job of getting Turner involved. This, Holiday said, might require him being less selfish.

"Honestly, I think I take some responsibility for that," said Holiday, who has attempted 42 shots in the last two games. "I think I have taken Evan's shots the last game and this game."