IT'S NO SECRET that a lot of legendary players have hooped it up at New York City playgrounds.

On Wednesday, the documentary "Doin' it in the Park" opens in the Big Apple - a homage to the city's courts and players.

As far as we know, no one has done a similar film about Philly, even though the city has a rich history of guys and girls who honed their skills in pickup games on asphalt courts.

Players like (in no particular order), Wilt Chamberlain, Hank Gathers, Bo Kimble, Gene Banks, Bryant "Sad Eyes" Watson, Guy Rodgers, Earl Monroe, Walt Hazzard, Lewis "Black Magic" Lloyd, Aaron "AO" Owens, Randy Woods, Wali Jones, Lionel Simmons, Marilyn Stephens, Linda Page, Yolanda Laney and Debbie Lytle.

They played at places like Shepard Rec Center at 57th and Haverford, which was called Haddington when Wilt dunked there. And at Chew Playground at 19th and Ellsworth; the Hank Gathers Rec Center at 25th and Diamond; Sach's Playground at 4th and Washington, and the courts at 16th and Susquehana, to name but a few.

We could list a lot more players, and plenty more playground and rec centers if space allowed. If we missed your favorite player or court, add them via the comments section on (today's promo code for free access to the site is Q48X).

Dream date

Nicole Muxo, a senior at Archbishop Coleman Carroll High in Miami, got the surprise of her life Friday night.

That's because Heat guard Dwyane Wade fulfilled her wish by being her date at the prom.

Muxo had asked Wade via a YouTube video. But Wade didn't tell her he was coming until the last minute, calling her from outside the prom to tell her to "have a good night."

"And then I got off the phone and walked in. It was kind of cool," he told the Miami Herald.

Muxo, who had already secured another date, was thrilled nonetheless.

"I'm gonna remember it forever." she said. "This was my highlight of my senior year."