DID SIXERS point guard Jrue Holiday get robbed yesterday?

The All-NBA teams were announced and, for the seventh consecutive year, there were no Sixers selected.

Granted, they had a lousy season. But you would think Holiday would have gotten at least one vote.

Heck, Portland's J.J. Hickson, who averaged 12.7 points and 10.4 rebounds, got a vote. Holiday, by comparison, averaged 17.7 points and 8.0 assists, and was selected to the 2013 All-Star team.

That didn't seem to carry any weight as he was the only All-Star from last season who didn't get a single vote from the panel of 119 sportswriters and broadcasters in the United States and Canada.

Former Sixers Nikola Vucevic (now with Orlando) and Andre Iguodala (Denver) each got a vote, and neither was an All-Star last season.

The last time a Sixer was on an All-NBA squad was in 2006 when Allen Iverson made the third team. That was 1 year after he was a first-team selection.

Iverson made the second team in 2003. In 2002, two Sixers were selected: Iverson on the second team and Dikembe Mutombo on the third.

Iverson was selected three other times: He made the first team in 2001 and 1999, and the second in 2000.

Before that you had to go back to 1996 when Charles Barkley made the third team.

Hard to bare

If you see a red-faced fellow in the Nationals dugout, it's probably pitching coach Steve McCatty.

When players found out he had posed for Playgirl magazine back in the day, they decided to put one of the photos on T-shirts and wear them around the locker room.

"I threw up [when I saw it]," Nationals pitcher Ryan Zimmerman told reporters. "I sent out a big group text to everyone. I think Cat's pretty embarrassed."