MAGIC JOHNSON wants the Lakers to be more like the Sixers and start tanking so they get a high lottery pick.

"I hope the Lakers lose every game," Johnson told Newsday yesterday. "Because if you're going to lose, lose. I'm serious.

"If you're going to lose, you have to lose because you can't be in the middle of the pack. You either have to be great or you have to be bad to get a good pick . . . I'd rather be all the way bad than be in the middle."

Surprising words from one of the game's most competitive players.

Extra-large order

Big Ten fans of schools other than Michigan are getting an early start to their Christmas shopping.

On Saturday, the then-17th-ranked Wolverines lost a shocker - 72-70 - to New Jersey Institute of Technology, a 24 1/2-point underdog at game time.

Since then, the NJIT bookstore has been flooded with online order for Highlander T-shirts.

One expects that Michigan will encounter a sea of the bright red NJIT shirts when it travels to Ohio State, Michigan State and other Big 10 venues.

Which begs the question: Will fans at local colleges other than Drexel start ordering University of the Science's shirts?

Just askin'.

Little joke

Donald Trump reportedly asked Tiger Woods to design an 18-hole course in Dubai.

Which reminds us of an old joke:

One day, Trump asked Woods how often he plays a round.

Tiger replied: "As often as possible, but but don't tell my wife.

Big joke

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a finalist for Time magazine's Person of the Year award. Why?