SPORTS MOMS. You gotta love 'em.

Over the years, we've had Bonnie Lindros, Ann Iverson, Gloria James and Wilma McNabb.

Now comes the newest member of the Embarrassing Moms club: Shawn Chapman McDaniels, the mother of Sixers swingman, K.J.

On Sunday, ESPNU's Jordan Eichenblatt was at Orlando's Amway Center as the Sixers took on the Magic. Throughout the game, Eichenblatt reported on K.J.'s mom's over-the-top cheering in which she constantly yelled for her son to get the ball.

At one point, Eichenblatt tweeted: "Michael Carter Williams with a huge fastbreak dunk and she is BOOING AND YELLING PASS THE BALL."

Another time he wrote: "Her trying to coach the team from 11 rows up is better than the actual game."

Eventually, an arena official stopped to have a few words with her.

"She's showing him her ticket," wrote Eichenblatt. "She's yelling THATS MY SON THATS MY SON."

McDaniels finished with nine points to help the Sixers beat the Magic, 96-88, and win their third game of the season. Which, by the way gives them more victories in December than the Eagles, but that's another story.

As entertaining as K.J.'s mom was, she has a long way to go to top the antics of Lucille Fletcher, mother of former boxers, Frank "The Animal" and Anthony "Two Guns."

In February 1983, Frank, a middleweight southpaw, lost a fight to Wilford Scypion at the Copa Room at the old Sands Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.

After the decision was read, Lucille climbed into the ring shouting, "My son's been robbed."

Later, she barged into the postfight news conference.

"It was a rob," she screamed as she struggled to get past a guard. "Don't push me, I ain't going nowhere. He was robbed. Tell the world he was robbed. I know he was."

Sports moms. You gotta love 'em.