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Sixers looking for good life on road

Before tonight's game against the Golden State Warriors, coach Doug Collins said he wasn't sure if Jason Richardson, sidelined with a strained back against Memphis on Wednesday, was going to be able to play.

A couple of minutes later, when I saw Richardson in the locker room after he warmed up, he said he was good to go. If he doesn't play it's probably because Collins wants him to get another day of working out in before the team faces Portland on Saturday night.

Collins was also asked about the play of point guard Jrue Holiday and whether or not he thinks his point guard deserves to be among those mentioned as possible All-Stars.

Collins pointed out that there are many great point guards in the East and that Holiday breaking through some of them would be tough. He did go on to say how much Holiday has meant to the club so far.

"You saw how valuable Jrue is to us (during four games missed due to sprained foot)," said Collins. "We don't want to lose him anymore. We knew that going in (to the season). The four games he missed, what it did to the fabric of our team…The thing about Jrue is the other night (against Memphis) he did a really, really good job of penetrating and finding our shooters and that's one of the things that I've talked to him about, and Evan, too, finding the guys on the fastbreak. We have to know where J-Rich (Jason Richardson) and Swaggy (Nick Young) and Dorell Wright are all the time. That's in their wheelhouse. Those are the shots that we want those guys to take. We'd like to get 40 points from behind that three point line and the foul line (combined). When we do that we're pretty good. We then have a chance to score 100 and when we do that we have a chance to win."