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Sixers' Andrew Bynum remains out indefinitely

Andrew Bynum has been approved to increase activity level, but still no timetable on his return.

Andrew Bynum, acquired by the Sixers last summer in the same move that sent Andre Iguodala to the Nuggets, still hasn't suited up for the team due to injuries in both of his knees.

On Friday, Sixers general manager Tony DiLeo offered an update on the status of the injured big man.

And while Bynum remains "out indefinitely," DiLeo believes this is "good news."

"The report is his knees are healing. He is improving," DiLeo told reporters. "He has been approved to increase his activity level. There is still no timetable. It all depends on how his body reacts to the increased activity."

But that doesn't mean that Bynum will be back on the court any time soon. His rehab will include six different steps, according to DiLeo.

When asked what recent tests on Bynum's knees revealed, DiLeo said "they showed that the bone bruises are healing. The weakened cartilage state is improving."

"If [Bynum's knees] react well, we go to the next step," he said. "Once his knees react in a positive way, we will go on to phase two. Obviously, it's not something we want to rush."

So how long will these steps take?

"That's hard to predict. It really depends on how he reacts."

So do the Sixers regret making the move? Not according to DiLeo.

"We would still make the move knowing what happened. Are we disappointed that it hasn't worked out sooner? Of course."