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Report: Sixers' Nick Young accused of date rape

Sixers guard Nick Young was slapped with a lawsuit Tuesday by a woman who alleges to have been drugged and date raped by the basketball player back in August of 2011, according to a CBS Los Angeles report.

In the lawsuit, the woman stated she only remembers accepting a drink from Young at the Crown Bar in West Hollywood but that she eventually woke up the following morning naked in Young's apartment.

When she asked about the previous night's events, Young admitted to the woman that they had sex but then stopped when she passed out.

According to the suit, that was not the first meeting the woman had with Young. She had met him twice before but no further details are known about how and where the two originally met.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous in her report, sought medical attention from the UCLA Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center where test results confirmed the presence of GHB in her system as well as injuries consistent with rape.

CBS Los Angeles has more details on the lawsuit.