Howard Eskin might owe Joel Embiid a Shirley Temple.

After the Sixers officially landed the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NBA draft on Monday afternoon in a trade with the Boston Celtics, fans flooded Twitter using #RTArmageddon to call out pundits who had criticized the moves made by former Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie.

Embiid, who never seems to miss a beat on social media, waded into the waters with a cannonball Monday night, calling out WIP host Howard Eskin for comments he made nearly two years ago about his teammate, Dario Saric.

"Saric is staying in Turkey because in two years he has no rookie wage scale," Eskin said on WIP back in July 2015. "And he may never come over."

Eskin, an outspoken critic of Hinkie, went right back after Embiid, criticizing the big man's lack of playing time and denying he ever said Saric would never play for the Sixers.

Eskin, who called the vocal Hinkie supporters "pathetic losers" on WIP on Tuesday morning, gave credit to general manager Bryan Colangelo for making a deal he said Hinkie would have never made.

"If the Sixers for some reason never get to the championship, they'll blame Colangelo," Eskin said. "If they do, they'll give credit to Hinkie."

Ironically, one of the most vocal Hinkie supporters is Eskin's son Spike, the program director at WIP and host of the Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast.

"I cannot explain my son. I thought he was raised better than that," Eskin said. "Obviously, he's clueless."

Howard Eskin wasn't Embiid's only target. The Sixers phenom also went after Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens after he took a shot at the Sixers in a press conference on Monday introducing new general manager Jon Horst.

Embiid, who dubbed Milwaukee a "s-hole" on Instagram last season, had a swift response to Edens' comment.