Joel Embiid made an appearance on SportsCenter on Tuesday night. As always, it was appointment viewing.

In an interview with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, Embiid shared the circumstances of his dust-up with Donovan Mitchell in the third quarter of the Sixers' 107-86 win on Monday night.

Apparently, after Mitchell knocked down a three-point shot earlier in the quarter, the Jazz rookie remarked that, in his opinion, Embiid lacked the ability to guard him. Thus, when Embiid swatted Mitchell's shot off the backboard a few possessions later, he took some time to share his own perspective on the situation.

"I had to let him know that is how it goes when you come into my paint," Embiid said.

Mitchell took umbrage with Embiid's comments and gave the big man a shove on the way back down the court, which resulted in an exaggerated flop from Embiid that drew a technical foul.

"I won't say it was a flop, but I played soccer my whole life," Embiid said. "I used my soccer skills."

Embiid also said that he is not concerned about blowback from players around the league regarding his penchant for trolling opponents, both on and off the court.

"When it comes down to it, if we got to square up, I'm 7-2, I'm a big dude, so I don't think you want to try me," Embiid said. "And I'm African, too."

The video: