Add another page to the long list of weirdness that is the Markelle Fultz saga.

During the Cowboys-Redskins Thanksgiving game, Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper appeared to mimic Markelle Fultz's latest odd free-throw form, in which he bobbles the ball on the way up.

You be the judge:

This has possibly been the weirdest week in the second-year guard's incredibly weird NBA career, with Fultz reversing the narrative on his broken shot, blaming a shoulder injury a few weeks after saying he was fine. Despite his agent and attorney Raymond Brothers saying Fultz would not play or practice with the team until his shoulder got checked out, Fultz reportedly shot around with teammates later that day. 

Then, on Wednesday, The Athletic reported that people in Fultz's circle say he wants a fresh start on a new team and also has a wrist injury.

Despite telling reporters that he's not on social media during the season, Fultz retweeted the video and shared it on his Snapchat story.

He couldn't even get Thanksgiving off.