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Sixers not apologizing for Joel Embiid resting on road

All six games Embiid has missed so far have been on the road.

Joel Embiid did not play Monday in Chicago.
Joel Embiid did not play Monday in Chicago.Read moreChris Szagola / AP Photo

CHICAGO – All six of the games Joel Embiid missed have come on the road this season.

Four of those matchup have come in situations when the 76ers were playing on consecutive nights. That's because the center has yet to be cleared to play in both games in back-to-back situations.

As a result, the Chicago Bulls fans didn't get an opportunity to see him in Monday night's game against the Sixers at the United Center. Preferring to have him play at home, the Sixers have decided that Embiid will play against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday at the Wells Fargo Center.

Embiid not playing here in the Windy City was a hot topic.

A Chicago media member wanted to know if there was a mandate from the league stating that the Sixers have to rest him at home. Brown was also asked if the Sixers think it's necessary to showcase Embiid on the road?

"We do not," he responded. "What we do is pay most of the attention to the team, to the individual. I think we all would understand there is no mandate from the league saying you have to rest him at home."

Nor does Brown think Embiid, as an elite player, owes something to the league by performing on the road.

"I think what's most important is the player's health first," Brown said, "the organization second."

He added that the Sixers understand the responsibility they have to the league.

"But sometimes it doesn't all co-exist and lineup, does it?" he said. "So with that in mind, as an organization we make the decision based on that order of criteria. That's what we decided to do."