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Sixers JJ Redick on Markelle Fultz: ‘I hope he gets healthy’

JJ Redick and Jimmy Butler show support for Markelle Fultz.

Sixers' guards Markelle Fultz (left) and JJ Redick earlier this season.
Sixers' guards Markelle Fultz (left) and JJ Redick earlier this season.Read moreYONG KIM / Staff Photographer

JJ Redick was asked Tuesday his thoughts about what's going on with 76ers teammate Markelle Fultz.

The 34-year-old responded: "I hope he gets healthy."

Fultz, a second-year guard, is in New York seeing several specialists. This comes after his agent and lawyer, Raymond Brothers, informed the Sixers last week that Fultz, who had played 19 games this season with 15 starts, would not practice or play until he saw a shoulder specialist.  The Athletic reported that Fultz is dealing with a right wrist injury in addition to the shoulder ailment. According to that report, sources also said Fultz would prefer a fresh start with another team. Later, Brothers denied the report.

Some sources have said that, despite the team's statements, Fultz is no longer in the Sixers' long-term plans and the team is no longer using his shoulder as an excuse for his shooting struggles.

"We want Markelle to know everybody is in his corner here," Butler said. "We want him to be great. We want him to continue to work. All of the outside noise is just want it is, noise from the outside."

Butler added that he and his teammates love having Fultz around.

"So when he's ready to get back in here to work, we're all for it," he said. "We need the guy."