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Ask Sir Charles

Q: I'm worried that I'm becoming that guy. What's the first warning sign that I'm becoming an annoying sports parent?

— A Worried Dad in West Philly

A: Dude, if you embarrass your kids at a sporting event, I hate to tell you — you are that guy. If your kids don't want to be seen with you in public, you are that guy. If they call a lawyer about getting their last name changed, then you definitely are that guy. Most people are passionate about sports, I get that. But what do you do to cross over that line? Are you loud at games? Do you moon the officials? Have you ever been kicked out? Bottom line is, if you think you act annoying, chances are you probably are annoying. But my best advice? Just chill, bro. It's just sports.

Q: I've been with my boyfriend for a year. Everything is good, except for one thing: He says he's not ready to get engaged just yet, but eventually does want to get married. At what point should I start to worry he's just putting me off?

—Waiting in Cherry Hill

A: Darlin', if you find out he's dating other women behind your back it's a safe bet that he's putting you off. Seriously, just talking about marriage is a big consideration. There are emotional, financial, social, geographical, and did I mention financial commitments to think about. It's good that you both want to get married. The question is, to each other? I don't think it's good if one pushes the other into marriage. Is a year enough time to know you want to jump the broom? You'll both know if and when the time is right.