When Haley Parks came out of anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth pulled Tuesday, her first thought — after "Where did my chin go?" — was of her beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

"Did I miss the Super Bowl?!?" she asked her mother, Marni Parks, who recorded their conversation. "Oh my God!"

The three-minute video of Parks' recovery, during which she passionately extols her love for the Eagles, was posted by her father on Facebook Wednesday. By Thursday morning, it had garnered more than 703,000 views.

Parks, 21, is a sports-management major in her junior year at Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus. Her love for football and the Eagles was instilled in her by her father, Bob, a high school football coach.

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To get her wisdom teeth out, Parks returned home to Williamstown, N.J. this week. She said she remembers parts of the conversation she had as she came out of anesthesia at the dentist's office, but not all of it.

"I don't remember what I was actually saying, but I remember being there," she said. "When I watched it back I was just like, 'Oh my gosh.'"

In the video, Parks says the Eagles "better win" because she wants go to the parade. At one point, she appears to believe that the team's chances of winning entirely depend on whether or not she would be able to give the team "a pre-talk."

And then, in true Philly sports fan fashion, she lays into what really gets her goat.

"You now what I hate? I hate fans that are fans now that weren't fans," she said to her mother. "If they were 0 and 16 I would still be their friend!"

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She expresses great worry about Super Bowl Sunday in the video. But in the end, Parks says she has faith in the Birds.

"I love the Eagles," she said. "They're like my sisters."

Parks said she's been shocked by the response the video has received.

"It's been crazy to see," she said.

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Parks is still a little sore from the operation, but otherwise feeling well. And she's confident that her "sisters" – the Eagles — will give her the win and the kind of parade that anesthesia dreams are made of.

Bonus recovery video: